Red Dawn Confirmed! Putin Confirms Central American Paramilitary Forces

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This is the most undercovered story today. Putin has confirmed the existence of paramilitary forces in Central America. Can anyone else say Red Dawn? Here is the story!!!

4 Responses to “Red Dawn Confirmed! Putin Confirms Central American Paramilitary Forces”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    I told you sheeple to “load up on ammo food and supplies.” HURRY. And for those wussies who try to copy the look feel and sound of Fox … it isn’t 1980 man !!!

    We’ve BBEEEENNN hijacked. We’ve BBBEEEEENNN invaded. Now with the caravans, (((they))) are going for the death blow. So what SHOULD you be talking about and have guests talking about ?


    This = Balkanizing America. It’s the best answer, because the OTHER best answer = deporting 30 to 50 million 3rd world darkies. I’m for either one … it’s just Balkanizing is way easier and less likely to cause too much blood shed.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    OMG !!! Lord bless it !!! Some guys with SOLUTIONS are having a meeting. EVERYONE should attend !!! Get this NEWS out :

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    More info on the solutions meeting.

  4. Strayhorse

    Mark Twain once said he would never join a group that would have him as a member. I AM AN AMERICAN; BORN, BRED, GENERATIONS OF PATRIOTS WHO FOUGHT AND DIED IN WARS TO PROTECT AMERICA/AMERICANS. We are part of the heart and soul of all that is good in America. I am diverse. I am a child of an Almighty God who gave mankind a Savior – because we are all not perfect but are perfect for the job. We will battle and WIN against all of America’s enemies, foreign OR domestic.


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