Just weeks ago, Democrats said the migrant crisis was a “made up emergency;” now they say it’s real and caused by climate change

Sunday, April 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Sunday, April 21, 2019

Leftist bleeding hearts, many of whom live in nice neighborhoods far from the areas impacted by illegal immigration, have kept themselves busy in recent weeks decrying President Trump’s national emergency declaration as a fictitious political stunt. But apparently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) missed the memo on this one, as the Queen of Cow Farts recently tweeted about how the migrant crisis is, in fact, real, adding that she personally believes it’s being caused by global warming.

Contradicting what most other Democrats have been saying about our nation’s porous southern border situation supposedly being a “made up emergency” by our Commander-in-Chief, AOC decided to retweet a post from The Leap, a climate conspiracy organization, which is pushing the narrative that illegal immigrants aren’t rushing our borders to escape the politically-induced poverty of their homelands, but rather to flee warmer temperatures.

“Did you ever notice that the same leaders denying climate change are the ones drumming up fear and hatred against migrants?” The Leap wrote in its tweet, parroting the same Leftist straw man attack against conservatives who want to put an end to illegal immigration that we’ve heard a million times from the mainstream media. “Check out our new video on why the climate movement must fight for migrant justice to win the world we want,” the same tweet added, nonsensically.

In typical form, AOC was apparently inspired by such nonsense, to which she naturally decided to retweet it along with her own ridiculous commentary about what she believes is driving the migrant crisis. In essence, AOC thinks that illegal immigrants are moving around for no other reason than to try to escape melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels, – neither of which are real, by the way.

“The far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants,” AOC wrote proudly, pretending to make a real point. “But have you ever noticed they never talk about what’s causing people to flee their homes in the first place? Perhaps that’s bc they’d be forced to confront 1 major factor fueling global migration: Climate change,” she added, very proud of herself.

Most migrants are fleeing their native lands because of crime and corruption

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