Medical tyranny gone wild in USA as New York’s Mayor, Bill “Adolf” de Blasio, wants to force-vaccinate all Orthodox Jewish children

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Is the State of New York trying to sterilize the orthodox Jews using forced vaccination? Currently, four zip codes are under siege by Adolf de Blasio, the Fuhrer of the Big Apple who has zeroed-in on the Jews as, once again, a scapegoat for medical experimentation trials. He claims his police “disease detectives” (think armed-to-the-teeth SS guards here) can simply interview suspects (of the Measles) and then force-vaccinate them at gunpoint with a stranger’s abortion cells, neomycin, sorbitol, genetically modified human blood cells, and animal waste (yes, urea is animal urine) – and these are just a few of the neurotoxic ingredients in the latest MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) jab.

Welcome to Nazi America, where in New York, the Mayor says it’s time to shoot up some religious scapegoats and their offspring with some concentrated MSG (yes, monosodium glutamate) and hydrolyzed animal hides, muscles and hooves (that’s gelatin reduced from cows and pigs). And yes, we’re still talking about ingredients in the MMR vaccine.

And, no, vaccines are not kosher, or safe, or effective. That’s was all just a lie, all dating back to the Polio vaccine. Many vaccines, like the MMR, contain the cells from human abortions, thus making anyone who “consumes” (gets injected with) vaccine toxins a cannibal. Does the MMR contain any other agents that cause infertility or deformation in offspring? Autism? Is this population control by vaccine genocide of orthodox Jews? How can we know, when the CDC won’t run the clinical trials and safety research?

Is Adolf de Blasio sending a swat team to hold your children down and shoot genetically modified E. coli bacteria into their muscle tissue? What’s the end goal on this one? You better wake up and smell that toxic “cup of coffee” right away. Get prepared. Now you know what all the “preppers” have been talking about for the past 10 years (nanny-state police takeover).

So, when some paramilitary-style New York cops (or ones from your city) come banging down your front door at 4 a.m. like the WWII “Schutzstaffel” to check for your children’s mass-vaccination papers, hide your children’s symptoms and keep your automatic weapons nearby, because we all know the “Re-education” camps aren’t far away – think FEMA and every single one of America’s giant football stadiums here, with movie screens and medical check points, with barbed wire fences all the way around the perimeter. This is why the Democrats want your guns, folks, and not just the “automatic” ones, but all of them.

Remember, the Nazis sought to control every part of public life, just like Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC want to now

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