How the Immigration Invasion Will Inevitably Lead to a Civil War

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Does anyone think that it is very strange that the UN is taking over the training for the newly formed Mexican National Guard (1) which is replacing the Mexican government’s Federales? In an April 9, 2019 Washington Post story, the WAPO thinks that is endeavor is perfectly fine with the ultimate intention to flood the United States with crippling blow with a number of incoming immigrants to be so great, that America will never recover.

The United Nations claims that it is taking over “human rights” training for a domestic military force. This is double talk to cover the fact that the UN is taking over Mexican law enforcement. And why would the United Nations be interested in taking over Mexican law enforcement? I can give 160 million reasons on why the UN is taking over this so-called “training” role because the UN has set the number of illegal immigrants designed to enter the United States in the next 2 years at 160 million newly invited guests for dinner.

The United States is being invaded by hordes of immigrants. the resulting social chaos will result in a civil war because resource demand will far exceed the ability of the country to meet these needs. This is a deliberate invasion and of we do not stop it now, we will descend into a mad max scenario.

Armed Federal Agents Fear the Hordes of Starving and Broke Immigrants

The cost of this type of immigration is incalculable. However, there are some generalities that will illustrate the developing crisis. Recently, according to a DHS source, ICE just delivered 2,000 illegal immigrants to a local church in Del Rio, TX. The immigrants were not provided with food or money. What did they think was going to happen under these conditions? The crime rate has spiked to such a level in Del Rio that the Federal government is telling its employees to not eat out or gas their vehicles in Del Rio because of the danger.. Please remember that this Del Rio warning was directed at ARMED federal personnel.

Because of the threat of mild economic sanctions, from the Trump administration, for admitting Central refugees enroute to America, the Mexicans have been offering token and weak resistance to the waves of immigrants heading our way?

The fear is so great among Federal agents, that the DHS agents dispatched to the border have just been issued “25,000 extra rounds of 5.56 ammunition.

The Incalculable Economic Impact

What about the rest of the citizens who are not trained or armed? Multiply this threat times millions across the country and imagine the social chaos. The cost in food stamps alone, is incalculable. One can be certain that the Democrats will be pressing for social security benefits. This will take down that system. What about the fact that hospital emergency rooms MUST treat all illegal immigrants regardless of their ability to pay in the absence of possessing any medical insurance.

What about the increased cost of law enforcement. Where are we going to find enough teachers? What about the impact on school budgets. And nobody, I mean nobody is talking about the cost to our already crumbling infrastructure. Where are we going to find the workers, much less the funds, to maintain this failing system as traffic could increase as much 50% in the next several years. What will happen to the crime rate? Simply look at Del Rio, TX. to answer that question. Cities like Phoenix are terribly short of uniformed officers. In Phoenix, they are short 500 officers. With this influx of immigrants, where are the cops going to come from. With the lowering of standards that are surely to come, what will that do the quality of police officers on the street?

Health Threats

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