Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

Brandon Smith
Wednesday, 10 April 2019

People often ask me when they should begin to worry about the agenda for the “global economic reset” and the controlled demolition of the economy? If economic collapse is a process rather than an event, at what point in the process will we start to feel direct consequences? While crash conditions in economic fundamentals have indeed already started in the final quarter of 2018, culminating in faltering housing and retail numbers as well as an inverted yield curve, the average person is only affected so far in a minor way. It’s true – even during the greatest of financial depressions, only a part of the population suffers while the rest live somewhat normally.

This “relativity” in crisis changes, though, when we start talking about a currency collapse. In the event that the primary mechanism for exchange becomes unstable, as in Weimar Germany in the 1920’s or in Argentina in the early 2000’s, the damage to the public is almost universal except for the elitist class. In the midst of stagflationary headwinds, many people could still live a comfortable life given they are willing to make some sacrifices. But, in the midst of a currency implosion, anyone who is ill prepared will have to face the pain.

As far as timing is concerned, we can make educated guesses according to the evidence, but there is no exact science to predicting when the globalists will pull the plug completely on economic life support. They will trigger a disaster when the timing most suits them. However, I do believe there are signals to watch for.

In the past I have said that when globalist criminals stop trying to hide their criminality – when they start to become brazen in their rhetoric and agenda, that is when it is time for people to worry. Why? Because when criminals act more confident it is usually because they think they have already gotten away with it. Their plans are almost complete.

Over the past year, the globalists have become absolutely brazen in flaunting their endgame for a single global currency system. Yes, it is time to be concerned. But there are people out there who will tell you that the notion is “far fetched”. They will tell you that it is “doom porn”, and they will tell you it is “conspiracy theory”.

The evidence says otherwise. The evidence says it is conspiracy FACT.

Much of the argument against a one world currency hinges on the notion that the US dollar is too entrenched to be replaced anytime soon. In terms of a deliberate collapse of the dollar, the concept is simply too much for some people to wrap their heads around. The dollar is the world reserve currency, how could it possibly come under threat?

King dollar bias is at its peak today, and the delusion that the dollar is some kind of untouchable and essential apparatus infects the economic world like a cancer. There are two kinds of people who argue that the dollar cannot be dethroned – those with an agenda who seek to keep the masses oblivious to the threat, and the useful idiots who have attached their egos to the fiat currency like it is some kind of national flag. Their arguments go a little something like this:

Fallacy #1: The Globalists Need The Dollar To Maintain Power

This is patently untrue. The dollar is nothing, just like any other fiat currency system. It is a fabrication, a fantasy. Its value is an arbitrary product of manipulated forex markets. Its buying power has dwindled to a shadow of its former glory in the past century. The globalists have resided over the life and death of multiple reserve currencies, and the dollar is no different.

For people who make this claim, I suggest they consider the dominance of the British sterling in the early part of the 20th century. It was a world reserve as well as the petro-currency of the era. The world’s central banks held sterling as the majority of their balances and its liquidity was strong. Its role was crushed, though, when globalists used British treasury bond holdings in America and France as leverage and forced oil producing nations in the Middle East to drop the sterling’s petro-status.

The shift away from the sterling began in the late 1930’s and was completed in the span of around five years when the Bretton Woods Conference established a kind of “shared reserve status” between the dollar and the sterling. The dollar took over quickly from this point on. When the dollar was decoupled completely from gold in 1971 under Richard Nixon and tied to oil through agreements with Saudi Arabia, the transformation was complete (I would also note that the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket was launched at the same time the gold standard was completely abandoned).

The idea that the international banking elites care about protecting any single currency is absurd. They create these currencies out of thin air, and they can kill them almost as easily as they bring them to life.

Fallacy #2: There Is No Other Currency Mechanism In The World That Can Take The Dollar’s Place

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