Trump Signs Executive Order to Prepare for EMP Attack…(3…)

Friday, March 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

29 Mar 2019

President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Tuesday directing the federal government to prepare a coordinated response plan in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP). The order described the enormous damage such an attack could cause and noted the U.S. government currently lacks a coherent plan of action for responding to one.

The minimal media coverage given to Trump’s order was bizarrely contemptuous, as though he had just issued an order to prepare defenses against flying saucers or flesh-eating zombies. The Washington Post headline was “Trump issued an executive order to prepare for an EMP attack. What is it, and should you worry?”

The Post answered its own question with the subhead, “Nah. But the U.S. should get ready for a very similar threat – from the sun.”

Other publications dismissed the EMP threat as “mythical” or mere science fiction, even though the phenomenon of electromagnetic energy from a nuclear detonation interfering with electronics and power transmission systems is far better established than “climate change,” which many of these same publications vehemently insist is not mythical at all and must be fought immediately at unlimited cost in money and human lives.

Perhaps some of those criticizing Trump for his executive order believe it will pave the way for recommendations as deranged and extreme as those frequently demanded for climate change. Trump’s order is nothing like the “Green New Deal,” however. It simply instructs federal agencies to prepare evaluations and submit reports by certain fixed deadlines. Telling federal bureaucrats to file some reports is hardly a stunning break with executive precedent.

It should be noted that some of the publications hammering Trump for issuing his EMP executive order found it quite charming when the Obama administration really did prepare response plans for flesh-eating zombie attacks, using multiple federal agencies. This tomfoolery was justified on the grounds that it made training exercises fun and captured the imagination of the public.

Anti-Trump animus obviously drives much of the derogatory coverage, along with heavy media bias against the people and organizations who have been warning about EMP weapons for years. It pleases critics to imagine the EMP threat is a mindless obsession of paranoids and doomsday preppers, even though the technology to generate electromagnetic pulses definitely exists and their effect on delicate electronic systems would be catastrophic. The threat is “mythical” in the same sense that a massive Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would have been mythical in November 1941, or terrorists flying hijacked planes into skyscrapers would have mythical in August 2001.

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