Trump Will Leave Office In One of Five Ways

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 13th, 2019

Presidents come and go. The Deep State endures. When there is a chasm between the President and the Deep State, the President almost always loses:

1.Andrew Jackson was outraged by the conduct of Americans Second National Bank. He was so disgusted with the abuse of the American monetary system, he removed all federal money from the federal bank and placed the money in the Bank of Maryland. This killed the globalist-controlled, Second National Bank. Andrew Jackson was subsequently the target of an attempted assassination.
2.Abraham Lincoln was caught up in the “greenback scandal”. This ultimately involved the Rothschild family. When Lincoln would not compromise the American banking system, as he learned the lessons of Andrew Jackson, he was assassinated.
3.John F. Kennedy began to print $5 billion worth of silver coinage. This was an effort to undermine the Federal Reserve. And they perceived this as a direct threat. Combined with JFK’s position on Vietnam, the oil depletion allowance, the Cold War, etc., it was decided that JFK had to go.
4.Populist President Ronald Reagan is elected after calling out George Bush as being a member of the Trilateral Commission. Reagan disappears for two days, and reappears and then announces that his running mate will be George Herbert Walker Bush, the member of the Trilateral Commission. Bush was to be the Lyndon Johnson of the Reagan administration. When Reagan insisted on America first policies, as opposed to the encroaching globalism, Reagan was nearly assassinated as he was shot by Hinckley. And as history has shown, it was interesting that the Hinckley family had dinner with the Bush family only a short time before the attempt. Reagan was never the same. However, as I learned from CNN and Snopes, that there is no such thing as a conspiracy. Therefore, I will move along to the last President.
5.Donald Trump is in extreme danger. The globalists have saved the assassination card for last. What past Presidential victims have revealed, that it is usually the banks that are the undoing of a President. Trump is interfering with international banking with the removal of the USA from the much anticipated TPP. The TPP would have removed the sovereignty of the US and would have placed its economy directly under the bankers. Trump must go before he does any further damage.

Trump Will Leave Office In One of Five Ways

Beginning with the most benign, the following represents the range of possibilities that will remove Trump from office.

Unelected After His First Term

Originally, I thought that Trump would a one-term President. I thought that the globalists would get someone like Jeff Flake or Paul Ryan to run as an independent and split the Republican vote. However, the left cannot wait any longer. Trump will soon declare a national emergency and begin construction on the wall. This would put a dent in the Banker-contrived and Deep State controlled sex trafficking, drug running, gun dealing and human bondage that is occurring at the border. The globalists cannot wait two more years as Trump is doing to much damage.

Termed Out After His Second Term

This is pie in the sky and it will not happen, short of a civil war.

Indicted on Criminal Charges and Forced to Resign

I call this the Richard Nixon syndrome. The President will be painted in a corner and forced to resign in lieu of indictments. New York City, Washington DC and Chicago have already said that they are indicting the President following the completion of the Mueller investigation. This is still a real possibility. Mueller has been going after Trump’s associates and there is always the threat that one of these people will give false testimony about Russian collusion in exchange for a lighter sentence.

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