Democrat Gov. of Virginia blasts critics as “disgusting” for exposing his sick desire to MURDER human babies after they’re born

Thursday, February 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is lashing out against his many critics, whom he’s patently declared as “disgusting” for pointing out the fact that he supports murdering babies after they’ve been delivered from their mothers’ wombs.

In a tweet he posted to Twitter on January 30, Northam made the claim that he’s “devoted [his] life to caring for children,” adding that “any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting” – even though these statements about supporting infanticide came from his own mouth, leaving nothing to “insinuation.”

“If a mother is in labor … the infant would be delivered,” Northam earlier stated about what he believes should happen during a botched abortion.

“The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother,” Northam added, with an emphasis on the portion of his statement that delineates his support for murdering a baby after it’s exited the womb, “if that’s what the mother and the family desired” – his words.

You can watch Northam make these statements for yourself at this link.

However, Northam is now claiming that he never actually said this – and is now trying to turn the narrative around in condemnation of those who were actually paying attention to what he clearly stated with no ambiguity.

“We’re not insinuating anything,” replied the Susan B. Anthony List Twitter page to Northam – this rebuttal tweet representing just one of more than 21,000, according to, that challenged Northam’s false assertions about his critics.

“You said you support withholding care and allowing babies to die after a failed third-trimester abortion. You are a disgrace to your office and the medical community and should have your medical license taken away,” the page added in its response to Northam.

Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor over at The Federalist, also tweeted a rebuttal to Northam, explaining:

“Sounds like you need a refresher on what *you* said this morning,” followed by the aforementioned link to Northam’s earlier statements in support of infanticide.

“And here’s a refresher on what the radical bill you support does,” she added, followed by a link to the Virginia House GOP Twitter page, which contains a video clearly explaining how the bill that Northam supports contains provisions for legalized infanticide.

Even Democrats are calling on “Governor Blackface” to resign – but not because they oppose abortion, of course

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