Not Even The Smartest Investors & Traders Understand What’s Coming To US Economy, Gold & Silver

Monday, February 4, 2019
By Paul Martin
February 4, 2019

SD Outlook: Gold & silver look strong, so let’s understand why the economic collapse will be very brutal for almost everyone. Everyone, that is, except…

Imagine a smart person.

Person B.

How smart is he?

Well, if you’re smart enough to have the patience of a cougar while the rest of the trading and investing crowd get their faces ripped-off, you’ve got a pretty good grasp of the markets.

But not necessarily the economy.

Now, imagine a similarly intellectually sufficient person.

Person C.

Person C strikes up the argument, “we never went to the moon” with Person B.

Person B responds, “I’m sorry, the earth is not flat”.

Uh ok.

The debate is settled then, I guess?

Of course not.

The debate never even really began.

Why does it matter?

Because we have some of the very smartest people in the world of trading and investing, engaged in a meaningful discussion on the markets and the economy, yet they have completely missed the point. Since some of the very smartest people in the markets and the economy are missing the point, we can only conclude that the vast majority of all people don’t even know what the moon or the earth are.

So when we hear bearish, bad news talk about the economy, it becomes difficult to understand just how bad things are about to get.

How do I know this?

Because two of the smartest traders/investors around have completely missed the point on market manipulation.

This interview is recommended listening, for the most part because they’re very smart, intelligent traders/investors talking about manipulation (Plunge Protection Team) and gold (both bullish, long gold).

First listen through them talking about the Plunge Protection Team:

Here’s my point – They completely don’t know how to explain the manipulation in the first place, so how could they really know what is about to go down withe the market or the US economy?

For those who don’t know, the principal market manipulative power in the United States is the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), within the Treasury Department. On the surface, the ESF is under the direct control of the President (currently Trump), and the ESF works in conjunction with the NY Fed to carry out ESF operations.

The ESF was created and funded (with Unconstitutionally confiscated gold) in 1934, but since the ESF basically has two sets of books, one minimalist that are open to the public, and the other that are kept under closely guarded secret, what we know about the fund, publicly, is that it can basically intervene in any market it wants, at any time, and for any reason, all of which the ESF does not even have to inform the public of.

You know – for “national security”, “state secret”, or whatever other excuse you want to dish out for the government’s sanctioned manipulation of any and all markets.

My point is that this lack of understanding about the market manipulating structure in the United States means that this economic collapse is going to be way more brutal than even the most gloomy of the gloom-n-doomers is predicting.

Why will it be way more brutal?

Because of the whole “the longer we put it off, the worse it’s gonna by thingy”.

You see, we’ve been on that ESF controlled market-manipulation road for 85 years.

The end of the road is near.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, yeah, yeah, the economic collapse is gonna suck. That’s all great and all, but c’mon man, Chris & Fleck are both gold bulls, so do they really miss the point?”.

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