Socialism Is The Fyre Festival Of Ideologies, And Millennials Are Falling For It Too

Saturday, February 2, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Kurt Schlichter via,
Sat, 02/02/2019

Resolved: Millennials are the worst of all possible generations, and I say that as a baby-boomer (by a week).

Unconvinced? Then check out one or both recent documentaries on Hulu and Netflix about their generation’s Woodstock, the infamous Fyre Festival, and watch how thousands of credulous millennials got suckered by social media “influencers” – actors, rappers, models, whatevers – who talked them into plunking down enormous wads of cash to attend a fabulous dream concert/party/rave in the Bahamas. The ads promised hot models frolicking, exciting musical acts like “Major Lazer” and whatever a “Migos” is, luxe accommodations, and gourmet food prepped by acclaimed chefs. What they got was drunken dudes and dudettes from the cargo shorts ‘n backward cap set, no tunes, moist FEMA tents, and famously forlorn cheese sandwiches.

But in a stunning turn of events that no one could foresee, except everyone who wasn’t a millennial, the promises of these cultural influencers turned out to be wet garbage. People tried to warn them, but no. The warnings of people who probably didn’t even wear ironic t-shirts weren’t stopping our millennials! If there’s one thing millennials are, it’s supremely confident in their own intelligence, which is why so many of them ended up out several grand for the privilege of shivering in a glorified refugee camp telling each other their pronouns while not listening to the dulcet tones of “DJ Kaytranada.”

So, there was an upside.

Here’s how dumb these children, who are the future, were…Blink-182 figured out it was a con job and pulled out. Blink-182 was the voice of reason here. Blink-182. That’s like losing at chess to Mazie Hirono.

Well, maybe the Emily Ratajkowskis and the Ja Rules and the rest of the pop culture titans led us astray about this Caribbean bad music party, but there’s no chance at all that an ideology this same cultural zeitgeist is embracing could possibly turn out bad! Right?

Wrong. The millennials are falling for socialism just the same way they fell for the Fyre Festival.

“Whoa, someone’s going to give all this wonderful stuff to me? I’m not going to harsh the buzz by asking questions like ‘Has this ever been done before?’ or ‘Aren’t things that sound too good to be true usually too good to be true?’ All these models on Instagram are saying it’s cool, and since I have no religion, their consumerist lifestyle imagery fills the void in my soul and I must obey. On to Great Exuma to party with whoever ‘Lil Yachty’ is! Oh, and yah Marxism, too!”

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