Does the President Have Eleven Days Left?

Saturday, January 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 19th, 2019

The President is set to deliver the State of the Union Address 11 days from now. The big question remails: “Will he still be in office in 11 days?

Two months ago, I produced a podcast in which I predicted there would be a plot that would exit Trump and Pence and from the White House and usher Pelosi as the unelected President following the order of succession.

Yesterday, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Roger Stone stated that they had uncovered a plot to remove POTUS before the State of the Union Address. Pelosi, as I predicted would ascend to the Presidency, appoint Hillary to be the Vice President. Pelosi will resign and Hillary will claim her so-called rightful place upon the throne. The purveyor of this news was Paul Martin and my first reaction was disbelief. even though I predicted it, I had trouble believing that they were actually going to do this. My disbelief centered not on the credibility of the report, Mike Adams is as good of a journalist as there is. However, Trump has done nothing that would hold up n a legitimate court of law for which to be indicted. Then, reality set in as I realized there is nothing legitimate about Obama appointed judges. In our present lawless state, anything is possible.

The Four Events That the Deep State Must Dodge

There are several deadlines coming up that if the conservatives are successful in carrying out their mandate, the Deep State is probably finished and would have resort to total desperation tactics.

First, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is rumored to dead and the Deep State is covering it up in order to buy time to remove Trump before he can appoint another Supreme Court Justice. Another Trump appointee would cement the court for the next three decades.

Secondly, and as Mike Adams pointed out, there is the risk that Trump will release the sealed documents related to the infamous dossier and this would lead to major indictments of Deep State major players and their subordinates.

Third, Trump will have cemented his soon-to-be declaration of a national emergency and the construction of the Wall. This would put Trump in the driver’s seat for re-election in 2020.

Fourth, the New Calfornia movement cannot be allowed to come to fruition because it will mark the end of the plot for the Deep State to begin a civil war and it was to begin in California and this would devastate the agricultural and retail economy.

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