Why Democrats Oppose The Wall: Trump Will Actually Build It

Monday, January 14, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Peggy Ryan
January 14, 2019

The conservative consensus is that Democrats don’t want to fund President Trump’s wall because they hate him. Well, yes, Democrats do indeed hate President Trump, and yes, it’s a deep-seated hatred, a visceral, soul-rotting hatred, but that’s not the real reason they won’t fund the wall.

The biggest reason Democrats won’t even partially fund the wall is their absolute certainty that given the money, the president will actually build the thing.

President Trump’s not some out-of-the-loop politician who can be outmaneuvered by a Deep State whose embedded bureaucrats will tell him everything’s going swimmingly while they sabotage the project with cost overruns and endless delays. No, the president will know how much it should and will cost, how long it should and will take, and how to overcome government roadblocks. This is his wheelhouse. He’s done it his whole adult life.

And, since the wall is his signature issue, his personal passion, President Trump’s going to be all over the construction. That looming steel show-stopper will be blocking invaders in record time, under budget and ahead of schedule.

Knowing that the wall will become a reality if the President gets the cash brings out the cheap-labor-express, wealthy power brokers like the Billionaires for Open Borders: Michael Bloomberg; Rupert Murdoch; other distinguished members of the Forbes 500; and, as Lou Dobbs often reminds us, the “globalists, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, Koch brothers and Wall Street.”

But it’s not just the Washington insiders who like cheap renewable labor. Retail giants like Target, Walmart, and others reap the benefits of illegal immigration. In fact, most industries get in on the deal.

A 2012 study shows a breakdown of unauthorized alien workers:

22% in legal services, advertising, employment services, landscaping and waste management, dry cleaning, nail salons, car washes and religious organizations.
18% in the leisure and hospitality sector, lodging, food services, theme parks, transportation, and other tourism oriented products and services
16% in the construction industry
12% wholesale and retail trade
So most of the corporate world has some interest in stopping a border wall. It’s a top priority for many. These interests make for a powerful force, and they will not back down.

The second reason Democrats will never fund the wall is their voter base – not unions or teachers, but illegal aliens, who broke our laws, crashed our border, and now infringe on American’s sacred right to elect their government by illegally casting votes.

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