California St Government and PG&E Bankrupt! Insurrection Is Near

Monday, January 14, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 14th, 2019

The Common Sense Show has learned that the state of California debt and an economy based upon disaster capitalism, will lead to the bankruptcy of California state government. Trump has cut off the FEMA disaster funds and California, which diverted the first wave of disaster money to its growing state debt, cannot meet its financial obligations.

It is also possible that the Trump administration will declare that California is both insolvent and incapable of managing its affairs and that the state, itself, is in a state of sedition against the US government. Before the Spring, the President will likely put the 101st Airborne on alert to protect the members of the New California Statehood movement. Many experts expect a series of false flag attacks to divert attention away from this subject.

California government as we understand it, is on its last legs. Its imminent demise is a testament to what happens to a government which embraces blatant socialism and extreme leftist leadership and subsequently loses sight of the fact that government’s main mission is the safety of its citizens.

California is overrun with an illegal alien population that State government cannot support. It’s economy has been devastated by the NO. California fires, which were deliberately caused by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). As a result of these factors and many more, California’s state government is on the verge of absolute collapse.

The Common Sense Show has learned from a late night conversation held at 10pm and again at 5AM (Pacific), with the President of the New California Statehood movement, Paul Preston, that California’s major utility, PG &E will declare bankruptcy. The common belief is that PG & E is trying to stay one step ahead of the proverbial burning bridge, both literally and figuratively. The domino effect of this and other fact0rs has had a crushing impact on the finances of the state.

Follow the line of reasoning and events as expressed in the following paragraphs.

California Fires and Directed Energy Weapons

Many have asserted that the fires in NO. California were the result of Directed Energy Weapons. Theoretically, this possibility is explored in the following paragraphs.

Scientist Ginny Silcox has made it her specialty to expose the lethality of Directed Energy Weapons. In particular, Silcox is interested in revealing what happened to the World Trade Center Towers and with regard to the California fires.

Silcox has been been researching the possibilities since the 1980’s. Silcox reminds us of the old Memorex commercials, specifically in reference as to when the singer hit a note that was the same pitch as the resonant frequency of the wine glass in the commercial, it caused the glass to vibrate and to eventually explode or vaporized!

In a stunning revelation, in her interview with Forbidden TV, she discusses how different kinds of materials respond differently to microwave frequencies and says that this explains the exaggerated anomalies witnessed in the California fires in which houses were pulverized and trees directly beside them are quite unscathed. As an aside, many experts have told me that the home’s smart meters were targeted.

Silcox states “Basically, what I’m describing is something that can part us out, molecule by molecule.”

Silcox describes, in exquisite detail the various scientific descriptions of the EM spectrum and how people witnessed blue beams people reported seeing in the California fires.

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