Is Michael Savage the latest victim of TDS and the left’s ‘pacification effort’?

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Selwyn Duke
December 18, 2018

There’s a rather odd story that, as with everything concerning the man at its center, hasn’t gotten much media attention. Or, at least, it would be odd if we didn’t live in a time of fascistic corporate activism. Michael Savage, the radio rebel and raconteur dubbed “the Godfather of Trumpmania,” is poised to “go dark” at New York’s powerhouse WABC and a few other big-city radio stations – despite earning them millions of dollars.

That’s according to the Washington Times, which conducted an interview with Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz. The radio giant himself read part of the Times piece on air yesterday, clearly disturbed by this apparent “deplatforming” effort. You should be, too, because it’s part of a cultural revolution. Deep-pocketed Deep Business is now simpatico with the Deep State and, along with deep academia, media, and entertainment, is pursuing a pacification effort – and you, I, and all opposing the establishment are in the crosshairs.

WABC isn’t saying Savage is soon being dropped. In fact, writes the Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley, “a recent news release from the station indicates Savage will be moving into a new, fresher format designed to take advantage of emerging media, one that will see him do one hour of radio alongside one hour of podcast.”

Behind-the-scenes murmurings tell a different tale. Horowitz says “emails back and forth” between Savage and radio bigwigs indicate that the host is set to “go dark” Jan. 7.

Moreover, it’s “not just on WABC: Horowitz said media powerhouses in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., are all giving the boot to Savage, as well,” Chumley also informs.

Troubling here is that the issue isn’t ratings. As Chumley tells us, a 2016 Newsmax piece related Savage’s West Coast dominance, calling him a “Tour-de-Force on Bay Area’s KSFO.”

Additionally, in “late 2017, Talk Stream Live listed Savage, with 14.8 million listeners, as the second most-listened to top talk radio voice in the nation, behind only Rush Limbaugh’s 16.5 million listeners – but far ahead of third place Laura Ingraham’s 6.8 million,” Chumley further writes.

Moreover, she continues, “In 2016, Savage made the National Radio Hall of Fame in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality, based on the votes of the listening American public.”

Even more strikingly, the February Newsmax article “Savage Rules New York Talk Radio” stated that since April 2016, “with the key demographic of Adults 25-54,” “‘The Savage Nation’ has consistently ranked as the #1 program on WABC[.]” Yet WABC now, apparently, wants its number-one show gone. Good business?

It’s Deep Business. Savage’s syndicator, Westwood One, did state in September that pundit Ben Shapiro will go national as Savage cuts back to one hour. But Chumley suggests that new-blood nattering doesn’t explain the dumping of one’s star performer.

“More likely,” she writes, “it’s this: Political distaste for Savage’s fiercely independent streak.”

As Chumley relates, “‘The only reason I can see,’ Savage said in a telephone interview, ‘is because of politics. … It makes no sense. I have a loyal, large audience. Why not at least do reruns at night?'”

Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense. First, Savage has been called “the Godfather of Trumpmania” because he supported Trump early on; had him on his show; influenced the president’s platform with his “borders, language, culture” credo; and even wrote a book titled Trump’s War: His Battle for America. In fact, Trump bluntly said last year, putting his arm around Savage, “I wouldn’t be president without this man.”

So given how the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) left and establishment right want to destroy the president and all supporting him (hey, they’re “deplorables”), imagine their feelings toward the man credited as instrumental in creating his presidency.

Yet there’s something far, far more ominous here. I warned in 2012 that what everyone was still calling the “culture war” was no such thing – that war was well over.

What we were, and are now, experiencing is a pacification effort.

No one was listening.

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