It’s Not a Matter of IF EMP Weapons Will Be Used Against the US, but When and What Type…(Please Support RR!)

Saturday, December 8, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 8th, 2018

If I were to put on my prediction hat, I would place the use of a generalized EMP weapons as a primary weapon to be used against the American people to no longer be one of my primary concerns. Why? Mostly due to the utter devastation. After all, what power would want to take over a country that would experience such devastation? Following an EMP attack, the infrastructure would be devastated. To most, this would constitute a disincentive to take over an EMP devastated country. However, the intelligence that I am being exposed to is relentless in the expressed belief that an EMP attack is coming.

Many sources have established the fact that following an EMP attack, the grid and the vast majority of unprotected electronics would be wiped out. Rebuilding would be a nightmare. After a few days, obtaining clean drinking water is the biggest challenge to human survival. The Naval War College estimated that 90% of the population would perish within a year and the major cause of death would be water-borne illnesses. Again, both myself and some of my best sources thinks that this is a counterproductive move to take over a country. However, as I reported in the past several months, there have a couple of events that has spoken to the fact that the United Nations is involved in a possible EMP attack against the United States. Before going further, I would like to state that I don’t think generalized EMP weapons will be used against the US. Yet, I think it likely that a localized application of EMP weapons will be employed against air bases that house America’s air cover that would be used to counter a future Red Dawn threat.

To be very clear, both the Russians and the Chinese possess the latest EMP weapons. Waiting in the wings, is the UN hoping to lure them both into their sphere of influence which will culminate in an invasion of the United States.

UN EMP Proof Communications Equipment

Unleashing an EMP attack could devastate an adversary and moving in EMP proof communications equipment could facilitate a take over. Several months ago, Paul Martin and I were sent photos, like the one below, depicting UN-based communications equipment designed to survive an EMP attack.

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