Brace Yourselves: A 163% Meat Tax Could Be Coming

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Meadow Clark
November 28, 2018

How would you like to pay a 163% meat tax every time you want a steak or a burger? What about when you want some bacon with breakfast, or when you’re craving a ham sandwich?

After much talk, economists and so-called health experts have finally decided what’s best for society: no steak for you!

Do you think you and your family deserve an extra tax for having a steak every now and then? Well, brace yourselves…because social taxes are what’s for dinner.

Remember when smoking was the only socially engineered target of government health nannies? Then fat, then sugar, then caffeine and now even soda.

The American public has been encouraged to gorge themselves on decadent, calorie-rich food for decades. Now people are being watched with microscopes and being shamed for doing just that. Or rather, for enjoying themselves occasionally because who can even afford steaks now? After all, you are responsible for other people’s healthcare costs.

It looks like the “experts” have finally figured out a way to remove your steak right out from under your forks. By inflicting yet another sin tax on the individual and making lifestyle choices more akin to the austere, Big Brother commands in pure Orwellian 1984 style.

Are you ready to get ascetic?

I didn’t think so!

Why a Meat Tax?
A study published this month states:

The consumption of red and processed meat has been associated with increased mortality from chronic diseases, and as a result, it has been classified by the World Health Organization as carcinogenic (processed meat) and probably carcinogenic (red meat) to humans. One policy response is to regulate red and processed meat consumption similar to other carcinogens and foods of public health concerns. Here we describe a market-based approach of taxing red and processed meat according to its health impacts.

And, “Including the social health cost of red and processed meat consumption in the price of red and processed meat could lead to significant health and environmental benefits,…”

Based on the broad correlation that meat equals death, they calculated “optimal” tax levels to curb meat buying or rather, offset soaring healthcare costs that are caused by the Big Pharma/insurance racket.

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