After Reading This, How Can Anyone Vote Democratic On November 6th?

Sunday, November 4, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 4th, 2018

Does a nation have a right to self-defense? Does a nation have a right to develop and enforce its own immigration laws? Does a nation have a right, and duty, to provide for the preservation of the safety and welfare of its country? Does a nation continue to be a nation if it has no borders? According to the Democrats the answer is no. Well, let’s ask the Democrats another question: Shouldn’t their party vigorously defend the very people that they purport to support? We will answer that question in last section of this article. The answer to that question, as presented through the hypocritical stance of AZ Senatorial candidate, Kyrsten Sinema, whose positions are surprising and shocking as she is openly betraying the very people she and her party say they support.

If You Support Sane Border Policies, You Could NEVER Vote for a Democrat

Members of the American military, specifically and generally, the National Guard, have historically supported domestic operations in times of emergencies following such catastrophes as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Further, troops have been deployed when domestic agencies (eg Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement) need tactical support. In these instances, I have never heard one Democrat complain about the deployment of military assets to protect the safety and welfare of the public in these instances. However, when the national security of the United States is threatened by individuals and groups that mean our people harm, the Democrats are screaming bloody murder.

These kinds of ridiculous allegations have led Defense Secretary Mattis to state the following to US News and World Report accused President Trump as engaging in a political stunt to immediately precede the midterm elections:

“We don’t do stunts,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday when asked about critics’ claims that Trump is using the deployment to bolster support ahead of the Nov. 6 midterms. “We are there in support of the secretary of homeland security, who needs additional military assistance. We do this following storms, we do this in support of the Department of Homeland Security. This is a different aspect of it, but that’s what we are doing.”

Along these same lines, the United Nations did not blink an eye when American military soldiers showed up in Malaysia following the horrific tsunami that claimed so many innocent lives. The United Nations has never spoke a negative word when US troops have showed up at earthquakes and any other natural disaster. Then why is the United Nation COMMANDING President Trump to admit each and every migrant that threatens to violently storm our borders as they did on the Mexican-Guatemalan border?

The documentation which supports the notion that these migrant forces are overrun with terrorists and members of the gang cartels and this has even been definitively reported in the mainstream media (eg Fox News). Leaked documents have shown that George Soros, on behalf of the Deep State Democrats, is bankrolling the transport, feeding and the clothing of these migrant people. Yet, the Democrats lend their unqualified support to this pending invasion. Why don’t the Mexicans take these “desperate people if there such a dire need? Why isn’t the UN on the scene providing humanitarian aid and sanctuary? Why did didn’t Guatemala take some of that $340 million in US foreign aid, and provide for these people before they somehow found it necessary to come north and invade the United States? Why?

The Prime Directive of the Democratic Party

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