How you can prepare for a pandemic flu TODAY

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A century ago, a pandemic flu swept across the globe, infecting over 500 million people and claiming the lives of 50 million. Researchers believe it is only a matter of time before a pandemic like the 1918 Spanish flu threatens the world once again.

Today, a pandemic flu would spread more rapidly, taking advantage of transportation systems that could quickly carry airborne pathogens from one vulnerable population to the next. Today’s indoor work environments confine many people in stale air environments. These closed-off environments never allow fresh air inside people’s lungs and never allow people’s respiratory tracts and immune systems to adapt to the outdoor air and its diverse ecosystem of microbial life.

Vaccination is false hope
Today, a pandemic flu would be more deadly, too, taking advantage of heavily vaccinated people who are more susceptible to new, emerging virus strains. The flu vaccine, for example, contains the previous year’s virus strains, which mutate in the chicken egg medium they are grown in. By the time people get vaccinated with this filth, they can become ill from the newly evolved flu strains. To top it off, the flu strains that are circulating in the wild a year later have changed and can still pose a threat to the vaccinated.

Even worse, the immune systems of people who are heavily vaccinated are weakened by carcinogens and metals from the vaccines. Vaccine adjuvants like aluminum do not activate T-cells in the thymus gland like Vitamin C does. Aluminum is actually linked to brain damage and causes the body’s immune system to attack itself, making vaccine science counterproductive. The body requires nutrients in order for the immune system to work, not formaldehyde, mercury, and MSG from the vaccines.

The heavily vaccinated are also ill-equipped with false hope because their body is trained to recognize pathogens at the site of injection and not through natural exposure routes. Future mutating pathogens will take advantage of the heavily vaccinated because their immune system is weak on the front lines, where the skin, glands, nose, eyes, ears, mucous membranes, adenoids, digestive tract, etc. are supposed to do their part in fighting illness. As their immune system is forced to process pathogens intramuscularly, their body loses its natural ability to filter and process pathogens. Under the toxic spell of vaccination, the first line defenses of the body weaken, allowing pathogens easy penetration and infection.

Health authorities should focus on fighting RNA viruses

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