Throes Of America’s Modern-Day Civil War

Monday, October 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Roger Katz
October 29, 2018

New York – -( Congressional Democrats and radical Leftists, both in their ranks and in the Nation at large, threaten more than the loss of civility in America.

They threaten, generally, the loss of law and order in society. Worse, they exhibit contempt for the Nation’s history; traditions; core values; and the Nation’s Judeo-Christian ethic as they, themselves, are Godless.

As an expression of their deep-seated contempt for the Nation’s history, traditions, values, and religious ethic, undergirding the Nation’s morality, they threaten harm, potentially even loss of life against those Americans who don’t happen to agree with them. Worst of all, they threaten the very soul of the Nation. All of this accompanies their radical agenda for the Nation. They do nothing to hide their smug self-assurance and their sense of moral self-righteousness that they, after all, know what is best for this Country and its people. They do nothing to hide their crassness, their coarseness, their intellectual shallowness, and obtuseness. Even as some commentators call for Congressional Democrats to extend an olive branch to Congressional Republicans, there can be no coming together in America. It is much too late in the day for that.

The forces that seek to destroy the U.S. President, Donald Trump, have made that much clear. Democrats will not work with Trump. They never intended to do so, as they hate him for daring to defeat Hillary Clinton. There is too much bad blood.

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Those radical forces in Congress, in the media, and in the public, also, have made it abundantly clear they intend to do all in their power to remove Trump from Office; and prior to impeachment and removal from Office, they continue, non-stop, to berate and obstruct and frustrate both him and his Administration and to always, callously, caustically berate and intimidate those who work in Trump’s Administration and members of the public as well who happen to support President Trump and his policy objectives.

The forces marshaled against Trump have attempted grid-lock in Washington, D.C. The ludicrous, costly, time-consuming, exasperating Mueller/Rosenstein probe is evidence of and a constant stark reminder of that. Americans who support the President must, therefore, be constantly vigilant and wary of Democrats and Centrist Republicans—those Republicans who in have, through their words and actions declare themselves to be “Never Trumpers.” Americans must never place their trust in these people.

The calls for violence and the existence of actual acts of violence against the public that Americans have witnessed—especially in recent months, weeks, and even days—cannot, must not be considered mere hyperbole. And the cause for this violence cannot reasonably, rationally be laid at the feet of President Trump as the mainstream media, erroneously, but regularly and vociferously asserts. The cause for this violence must be laid at the feet of Left-wing agitators and among those Congressional Democrats and those officials who once served in the Obama Administration, who still have impact among some members of the public, namely, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Obama, himself, among others—all of whom continuously parade before and preen before media cameras.

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