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Sunday, October 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 28th, 2018

When one gathers data, it generally falls into one of two camps, quantitative and qualitative data. In the interest of having clarity of data presented here in this article, it is very important to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data is allows for concrete and clearly discernible comparisons between possibilities or opposing viewpoints. Statistical analysis is at the core of this approach.

Conversely, qualitative data is descriptive data and does not contain much in the way of hard data. I generally prefer quantitative data when gathering information. However, qualitative can provide information about states of mind that hard data cannot offer.

This report contains some of both kinds of data, but it favors qualitative.

For the past two weeks, I have approaching people who works for the “agencies” in government, the military (both former and present), elected representatives or members of their respective staff and the border patrol.

The Research Questions

I have asked each subject of this report the following questions:

1.What is your anticipated result of the midterm elections?
2.What will happen if the Democrats win the House?
3.What will happen if the Democrats win both the House and the Senate?
4.What will America look like after the 2020 election (the results are voluminous and will be covered in a separate article as a stand alone item)?

I have been given mostly qualitative data with regard to what is happening relative to the election and immediately following the election. I am noticing a distinct pattern from the data I am gathering. IF the sources are military, I am getting one perspective, if they are legislative (ie Congress), I am getting another perspective, and so forth. In other words, I am finding that each category of source seems to have an influence on how they see what is unfolding and where they think things are going.

Here is what I have learned.

What is your anticipated result of the midterm elections?

All participants expect that the Democrats will win the House and not the Senate. The wild card according to many, mostly the political types, is that they fear extreme voter fraud. I understand from these sources that they suspect extreme early ballot replacements and loss of “certain” ballots has already taken place.

What will happen if the Democrats win the House?

Let’s begin with the silver lining if the Democrats do gain control of the House. By holding on to the Senate, Trump will be able to provide lasting conservative leadership on the Supreme Court. However, the Democrats, after they control the House will attempt to paralyze any processes with investigations of Trump and the launching on multiple charges against Trump resulting in impeachment. This will paralyze the government and stop the America’s new found populism in its tracks. Although it is not likely that the Senate will vote to convict on any potential impeachment hearings, but the ensuing chaos will paralyze the government.

There was a fear expressed from the military sources that a Democratically controlled House will paralyze the military budget since the House controls all money bills. This will make America more prone to being attacked by China or some combination of China, Russia and a Red Dawn attack. Some military that I spoke with feel that the bum rush that is going to happen at the border is actually a beta test designed to military responsiveness at the border in order amp up the negative effects after the midterm elections.

In summary, all felt that if the House is lost, the government will fall into chaos and will be a holding pattern only to emerge after the Democrats gain control of the Presidency in 2020.

Some mentioned that a Presidential assassination becomes more likely in this particular scenario.

The Rest…HERE

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