The Government Has Been Overthrown and FEMA Camps are Operational (fictional account of what is coming)

Sunday, September 30, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 30th, 2018

When the liberals finally take over, society will resemble the movie The Purge. Unlike the movie, the Purge will not a 12 hour holocaust played out one time a year. It will be a 24/7/365 event. Nobody will be safe. The concept was made into a trilogy. Then, it was followed by a 10 part TV mini-series that began after Labor Day. What are they trying to tell us? Here is the complete story.

The End of the Beginning

I had just arisen to take my puppy out to go to the bathroom. My gosh, what is wrong with him? It is only 255AM. As I arose I was knocked to the ground by flash grenades and suddenly men rushed in through every entrance of my house and very quickly we were all laying on the ground, face down, and tied up.

I was placed in a seated positioned, still bleeding profusely from being brutally arrested in which they called me “Christian scum”, and a “Trumpster Bastard”. I then heard them in my office breaking my studio equipment. Then they shot both of my dogs.

As I was placed in a sitting position I was read my rights and informed that my family had been arrested by the “Guardians”. We were being charged with crimes against humanity and the new global authority as evidenced by the fact that their search of my house found several Bibles and subversive materials such as a copy of the Constitution. I was also being charged with thousands of counts of “hate speech” for supporting the enemy of the people, Donald Trump, who had been executed six weeks earlier after domestic terrorists stormed the White House following the abandonment of President’s Secret Service security team.

My family was still bound and was marched outside and I noticed that there were three trucks outside my house. I looked down the block and there were many of my neighbors being forcibly take out of their houses as well. Helicopters circled above us. There were armored vehicles every 4th house. I heard gunshots coming from a couple of blocks away. Some were screaming “We are Americans, you cannot do this”. Then there was a gunshot… and then silence.

I noticed that my wife was being pushed towards a truck two houses away. I started to move in that direction and was struck by a rifle butt and told my truck was “over there”. I was struck repeatedly and before I lost consciousness I saw that my kids were being herded to yet another truck. I realized were being separated and this was the last time we would ever see each other. When I awakened I was bound head to toe and the truck was offloading prisoners to large buses which were to take us to our final destination. We were told if we did not resist, no harm would come to us. I knew my history well enough to know what lied ahead and sparing my life was not in the cards. When we arrived at our final destination we were met by Chinese soldiers wearing blue helmets.

The Ultimate False Flag

What was the trigger event for this carnage being perpetrated upon the people? It was perpetrated by the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Oh, he was confirmed but he was assassinated as he was being sworn in. The country immediately was attacked in every mid-to-large-city by well placed George Soros subversive groups. They and their MS-13, ISIS and cartel allies were killing everyone in sight. Entire neighborhoods were burned down. Wall Street was destroyed by pre-positioned C-4 explosive charges. These terrorists were yelling “Make America Bleed Again” in an obvious effort to mock President Trump’s MAGA.

Nobody was safe. Rand Paul was assassinated as was the Governor of Texas. My family sought refuge in an abandoned home and we survived.

Eventually the killing stopped. The Joint Chiefs were complicit in the stand-down of the military during The Great American Carnage.

All the Governors were removed from office. America’s fifty states were reduced to 10 regions and 10 region commanders were appointed. They had names like Pelosi, Feinstein, etc. The American executive branch was divided into two parts, a domestic and a foreign branch. Hillary was in charge of the foreign portion and Obama was given command of the domestic side of things. Obama promptly dusted off Executive Order 13603 and seized anything of value. Hillary began to invade lesser countries while building toward a confrontation with Russia and China.

The Rest…HERE

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  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump needs to pre-empt this scenario by arresting Soros and every single AntFAGita captain, lieutenant and private all the way down to the skate boarding queeb ( who lives in mommies basement, ) who wears a mask and joins in THE ORGANIZED CRIME being committed. RICO every last one of them. Put the now well known illegal spy net to work and collect data on these freaks threatening home invasions / assassinations and in a nationwide sweep … arrest them all at once.



  3. The blind squerrel

    The deep state is not based in the liberals. They are not going to take over. This is a not going to happen just like so many predicted ISIS and ISIL were going to to take over the middle east and then the world bringing in the Islamic Anti-Christ. Another fake prophecy coming from contemporary Christians. The heart of the deep state are the Bushe’s the Rockefeller Republicans and the Neocons. All of this is the magician’s prestige. The coming final world empire will be deceptive, appear to be good, Jesus said so. Beware this is not the end game just the setup.


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