CIVIL WAR ALERT: Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives as Democrats release home addresses of Republican Senators

Friday, September 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Friday, September 28, 2018

As Leftists continue to lose political power in America due to elections (President Trump) and Supreme Court nominations (Brett Kavanaugh), their activists are becoming more militant and extremist. Now, we’ve learned that left-wing groups are openly discussing mass executions and planned murders of prominent conservatives, and they’re using Twitter to carry out the attacks. (See details and links, below.)

Twitter is just one of several tech giants that selectively bans conservative speech but refuses to remove radical left-wing users who openly call for violence and murder. For political reasons, tech giants have decided to protect left-wing terrorist groups in America, becoming complicit in the escalation of the coming civil war. As just one example among hundreds, see this article from InfoWars: “KILL TRUMP, HANG HIM, HUNT HIM” FACEBOOK PAGE DOESN’T VIOLATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

Now, The Daily Caller reports that someone in the House of Representatives has “doxxed” conservative U.S. Senators by using a congressional computer to publish their home addresses and phone numbers to Wikipedia. “Doxxing” means publishing someone’s personal, private information such as the location where they live, their social security number or their private phone number.

Importantly, doxxing members of the U.S. Senate allows left-wing “kill teams” to physically locate where those Senators live. Armed with this information — and driven to violent hysteria by a complicit, lying media — left-wing kill teams can assault the homes of U.S. Senators while they sleep and attempt to executive those Senators and their families. As this article shows below, left-wing activists are openly and explicitly discussing such plans on Twitter, and they are not being banned by Twitter or other tech giants.

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3 Responses to “CIVIL WAR ALERT: Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives as Democrats release home addresses of Republican Senators”

  1. Caroline

    People…I tell you it’s time to take to prayer for America and Americans. The very last thing we need or want is civil disobedience of any kind that would encourage some other entity such as the U.N. to come on American soil FOR ANY REASON and absolutely not to quell a disturbance.

    A simple prayer will do. Let’s ask God to care for this country and protect all from harm in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Agree with Caroline … and it’s sad that all the supposed Christian IM outlets have not formulated a regular prayer for Trump & America. Having said that, remember ma’am … America was won by God … guns … n guts. “GOD,” has ordered the Israelites to “gird up and kick ass,” on many occasions. Here’s what He wants us to do : ( other than Balkanize of course, ) :

    1. Repent and ask Him for help
    2. Call visit and e-mail our supposed representatives on every level and DEMAND they investigate and get FBI and DHS to investigate the organizers of Antifa and every single useful idiot associated with them … and NDAA them, which = bye bye to some jail permanently.
    3. ALL of US arm up ammo up bullet proof vest up gas mask up food water supply up and “defend ourselves with whatever force is necessary against any freak attacking us. In other words, in Steven Segal speak : “Take out the trash !”

  3. White Scooter Trash

    Satan wears a suit and tie and is embedded in DC. They look like real people but they are not.

    Wizards warlocks and witches are being exposed. They are loosing control and will create as much chaos as possible to take the focus off themselves.

    This is very similar to a global exorcism and we are the last hope for all.

    Deliver us from evil and thy will be done even if that means the hand of God squeezing the trigger.


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