If Democrats Win In November Will Preppers Wake Up?

Saturday, August 25, 2018
By Paul Martin


As I read an article this morning which revealed a ‘secret meeting’ taking place today in San Francisco among the Tech Giants, “Tech Companies Gather For Secret Meeting To Prepare Election Strategy…”, I couldn’t help being skeptical about their real motivations.

If you only listen to mainstream news, you won’t know what I’m about to say – because it’s not mentioned there – (they only Trump Bash day in and day out)…

The so called Tech Giants (GooFaceTwit) alarmingly have been squelching, and in some cases extinguishing, conservative speech on their platforms.

Especially during the last month or two they have shadow banned and de-platformed (they’re not hiding it anymore!) many popular conservative voices. Even the President and conservative members of Congress have been affected by shadow banning.

In my opinion by doing so they are tampering with the upcoming elections. I believe they may be “colluding” to influence the outcome of this election.

Why? Because they (and we) know how important this one is for America. We also know how far left these Tech Giants are, and what their political agendas and goals likely are.

Additionally during recent months I have read about an increasing number of companies / corporations that are using their power to stop or hinder those with conservative principles or ideals. Even refusing services. Big banks blocking loans, and more…

If you think about it, most all of the big corporations are now global in a VERY BIG WAY.

A comment that I just read poses an interesting thought:
“As tech companies become increasingly “internationalized” could this be considered foreign interference?”

For many of them the US market is smaller than that of the rest of the world as they integrate with European / Asian markets. And they are using their major influence to control and steer us in the directions that they want. This includes political direction. Essentially we now have corporate control of American democracy.

Many of these same global mega corps are now catering to communist China as they seek to profit from their markets. For example I’ve heard numerous reports how the Big G is working with the communist Chinese government in developing an online “social score” of their people. Think that it can’t or won’t happen here?

The point I’m trying to make is that there are MAJOR FORCES aligned to win ‘blue’ this November. I’ve never seen anything like it. They must stop the populist ‘Trump’ movement and Conservative / Constitutionalism by any means necessary. I’m also leery of the potential for a major upcoming false-flag operation. They are so “out in the open” right now – which is indicative of what may be coming our way.

With that said, I wonder if more people will return to prepping and preparedness if the Democrats win control of the House this November.

These are not the Democrats of old. They have a VERY DIFFERENT AGENDA, and it’s not one that favors individual freedoms and conservative principles. They are very vocal and have a laser agenda, first of which is to impeach and remove Trump.

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