Attention America: Trust Nobody! We Are On Our Own

Saturday, August 25, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 25th, 2018

his article is filled with questions that emanate from a developing narrative in which it is apparent that there is nothing about the US government that can be trusted and there are indeed people who intend to do us harm if we stand in the way of an extreme leftist take over. This article explores this them by asking several critical questions.

The challenge that most of you will have in reading this article is not whether the facts stand on their own accord, but rather, what the hell are you going to do about this? Because if you do not develop a game plan and that game plan is not predicated upon a false “messianic” figure, you will perish and everything and everyone you know will submit, or they will surely perish.

Critical Questions

I am beginning to feel like Fox Mulder from the old TV series, The X-Files. What was his mantra? I am sure you remember “Trust Nobody”!

I am certain that long-time listeners to my radio show will remember, when Steve Quayle said “What’s coming is no longer coming, it is already here”. Or, if you did not hear Steve say it, you’ve heard me cite Steve on this point, several times. Why? Because it is undeniably true.

Over the past year, I have repeatedly called upon President Trump and the DOJ to take action for illegal censorship of conservative opinion. Now, the very part of the media that is largely responsible for Trump’s election, has been forsaken by him, to date. My Trump, My Trump why has thou forsaken us? This would be my mantra.

Consider this, the loss of the First Amendment, leads to the loss of the Second Amendment, because nobody is allowed to speak out against this tyranny. And with no means to protest effectively and no way to protect ourselves from the purge that will follow the leftist total take over of the country, how will free-thinking Americans survive?

When we combine the stated beliefs of Fox Mulder, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, and the loss of civil liberties, together, what does that mean? That means we all in a lot of trouble and that ultimately none of us are safe from harm from a evolving and corrupt ruling authority.

The Las Vegas Massacre: Case In Point

Ask yourself a question: If your fingerprints were found on ammunition used in a mass murdering highly publicized crime, do you think you might b considered to be an accomplice? And if you were a member of the top law enforcement agency in the country, shouldn’t that draw the extreme attention of the mainstream media? And if you took these questions to social media, with today’s climate, do you think that you would have a good chance of being de-platformed?

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