Mr. President, Why Are You Afraid of George Soros?

Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 16th, 2018

I am not going to review the virtues of the First Amendment, they are self-evident. However, there is an undeniable purge going on the historical precedent is undeniable as to how this is going to end.
Sitting at the heart of all of America’s problems is a man named George Soros and he continues to destroy this country with impunity.
In 2016, America shocked the world by electing Donald Trump. The leftists are determined that this will never happen again. The march toward globalism has temporarily taken a right turn. The American worker has benefited by the removal of various free trade agreements. Our manufacturing is beginning to return to our shores. Unemployment rates are dramatically low. However, that is not what the globalists want. They are marching toward a New World Order characterized by the loss of civil liberties and the destruction of capitalism. This will end with compliant sheep living in stack and pack cities after a genocidal purge as foretold by Bill Ayers and the torch is being carried by George Soros.
Most Americans mistakenly believe that Alex Jones is the only victim of this purge and it only involves social media. All of the Independent Media is impacted by this purge. All of America has lost the First Amendment.
I was recently told by a member of one of the prominent alphabet soup agencies, that if the globalists deem that Trump must “dealt with”, the Internet will go down and will be resurrected in the image of Google. And who is behind this purge, ultimately, it is George Soros who has coordinated all of the social media in the greatest purge of the truth in the history of this country.
The purge that is sweeping the Independent Media is omnipresent and has even enveloped The Common Sense Show. Further, the fight to suppress the truth has spread from social media to funding platforms s evidenced by the Robert Spencer Case. George Soros is at the heart of every bit of this conspiracy.

Cutting Spencer Off at the Knees

Robert Spencer is a prolific author. He has written 18 bestselling books as he well-known for citing the fact that over 33,000 deadly terrorist attacks have quoted Islamic scripture as the motivation. Neither Spencer, nor myself, believe for a minute that all Muslims are terrorists. Quite the contrary, many people of the Islamic faith make outstanding contributions to our country every day. However, it is a fatal mistake to bury our collective heads in the sand, in the name of political correctness and pretend that there is not a radical element of Islam that has deadly intentions for all Americans. In light of these facts, Spencer is not anti-Muslim, he is anti-terrorist. Yet, his DOCUMENTED views have been attacked and Spencer is the victim of extreme censorship from leftist forces and his documented views, based upon fact, have resulted in the loss of his livelihood. Again, at the heart of this massive conspiracy is George Soros as he has coordinated financial institutions to collude with social media to attack conservatives.
Spencer has been banned from using Patreon. According to WND, Patreon blames Mastercard for the action against Spencer. On his website, Spencer said that after he was dropped by Patreon without any warning or justification, he was dropped because Mastercard demanded it. Those of you who access this website through our Android App are no longer able to because Google did the same to The Common Sense Show as what happened to Spencer. The CSS was dropped from Google Play Store for unspecified reasons. Google refuses to cite what violations the CSS may have committed. This kind of First Amendment tyranny is now commonplace.
Spencer is on the record as having cited the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as the source of the problem. At the heart of this is George Soros who controls the SLPC. Soros has other groups which are serving to undermine the First Amendment. In fact, days before the censorship collusion actions by social media took Alex Jones down, Soros heavily invested into social media. Where there is a threat to conservative America, George Soros will be nearby.

In a recent tweet, Spencer stated that “I’ve been axed from Patreon, without explanation, warning or notice — no doubt as part of the ongoing efforts of the Left to deny all platforms to those who reject its agenda. To those who supported me there, thank you, and I’m sorry we couldn’t follow through on plans.”
This action against Spencer goes beyond simple censorship as it represents the denial of payment for services rendered. Soros is behind the collusion to interfere in a business contract, a felony!
Desperate people do desperate things. When people have nothing to lose, they eventually lose it. It is clear that the left is trying to incite a civil war so they can emerge victorious and enforce its complete leftist agenda on Americans, both the aware and the unaware.
We have entered the 1984 zone of The Ministry of Truth as written about by George Orwell. Only approved viewpoints can be aired. What does history say about what follows this kind of censorship of the truth?

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