Thousands of elementary school teachers FLUNK basic math test… these are the morons teaching our children

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Wednesday, August 08, 2018

School districts across the country are adopting weakened grading scales to help more underachieving students go home with a grade they don’t deserve. The 93/85/77/70 grading scale (93 is an A-, a 70 a D-) is being abandoned for a more lenient scale that gives students more room to underachieve. The lenient 90/80/70/60 scale gives students an A at a meager 90 percent average; this system also won’t fail the student until their average grades have fallen to a putrid 59 percent This curve gives more students a chance to accept insurance discounts, scholarships, and grants for their “good grades.” These weakened educational standards allow dumbed-down students to go to college so they can more easily take up careers in any field. Many of these students go on to become teachers, where they will perpetuate the weakening of educational standards and civic duty. This inevitably creates a cycle of stupidity, where dumbed-down students become teachers, to further perpetuate a cycle of stupidity and weakened standards on the next generations.

It’s no wonder why thousands of elementary school teachers now flunk a basic math test. Sadly, nearly 2,400 elementary school teachers from North Carolina cannot pass the math portion of their licensing exams. A new report presented to the state Board of Education reveals that wanna-be teachers are having a hard time passing their licensing exams. Only 65 percent of aspiring teacher pass the “foundation of math” exam, reports Tom Tomberlin, director of school research, data and reporting for the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. Failure rates have risen since 2013 and do not account for those teachers who failed the test the first year but passed the second, third, or fourth time.

Since 2013, North Carolina is struggling to find teachers at the elementary level. Some school district officials are siding with the teachers and blaming the exams for being “too hard.” Some education officials are now blaming the Pearson publishing company for creating exams that are too hard to pass. As such, the Board of Education has resorted to weakening the licensure standards for teachers, allowing them an extra year to pass the exams so they can pose as teachers in the meantime. The cycle of dumbing-down educational standards continues, as people no longer take responsibility for their failure.

Instead of blaming the tests, why not look at the root cause: educational standards are plummeting. The education system favors conformity, teaching kids to assimilate and get by. A staggering number of students and teachers have become lenient, lackadaisical, and do not care for a challenge.

The ease of information of modern day computing has made our brains lazy. The internet has made information easy to obtain, and this steady streaming spill of knowledge comes at a cost. Our brains count on the answer to be there and therefore we never fully retain much or appreciate the answer. We are saturated in information, are averse to challenge, and shy away from the pursuit of knowledge and accomplishment. It’s like trying to clean up a gallon of milk with a single paper towel. We are saturated in information, but not effectively absorbing much at all. Our brains are over-consuming information in the digital world and not always truly learning.

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