Trump’s Prime Directive: Save the American Culture From the Maoist Forces Which Are Imposing Their Communist Will On America

Thursday, August 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 2nd, 2018

President Trump has finally, and I mean finally called out Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to put a merciful end to the Robert Mueller’s Russian-collusion-delusion. The so-called Mueller investigation has gone so far off the mark that the private attorney of the President has been raided and his confidentiality agreements with this attorney’s clients has been breached. In fact, Manafort is standing trial for something that Rod Rosenstein refused to bring charges on 8 years ago.

There are far more pressing matters that face this nation than some nonexistent crime allegedly committed by the President. America needs to be done with this modern day witch trial and move on.

You might be asking, what could be more pressing than the Mueller witch hunt? The answer in the words of a New York University professor, Michael Rectenwald, is that our American culture is at stake.

NYU Professor Says America Is Losing Its Culture

The following quote, from Facebook, is the most lucide I have ever seen on the topic of America losing its culture. Thanks to Jenny N. for sending this to me.

We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution — with the power of the corporate mass media, corporate social media, the academy, most of corporate America, the deep state, the shadow government, and most of the legal apparatuses behind it. Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty monsters are ravaging our cultural legacies as well as our contemporary arts and letters. Our entire culture is under siege and undergoing an utter and relentless social justice dismantling. Leftist totalitarianism is running amok. We’re on the precipice of completely losing our culture, the benefits of western civilization, and the entire legacy of western civilizational history. A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.

The professor clearly identifies the target of media oppression and they are Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty. Tthey should his describes most of America. In other words, the majority is losing its cultural identity, to the few and the few are following the Maoist plan of social revolution. I have never seen a quote about the present situation that I agree with more that this.
Recently on Youtube, I was demonitized by telling Americans if they did not like the way thing are, then vote this November and have your voice heard. I was shadow-banned by Youtube to the extreme. In 2017, I did a Youtube video on FEMA camps. It had 1.1 million views. Today, the video would be lucky to get 10,000 views.

My President, My President Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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