How the Financial Reset Will Impact You

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
By Paul Martin

by AMY S.
JULY 31, 2018

How will the coming financial reset impact your cash, savings, retirement accounts, stock, bonds, real estate, mortgage, student loans, gold, silver, and other assets? Will the collapse DESTROY WEALTH or TRANSFER IT from the unprepared to the those who have positioned themselves in advance? What facts do we have to go on from past financial resets, and what signals can we glean from current official documents and filings being released?

Think about it. If someone hears that the banks are closed, what would be his or her immediate reaction? There are more people unaware of the current situation fed by their cognitive dissonance, than the aware.

Our society was built upon materialistic belief systems.

Therefore is reasonable to assume that when a bank is closed because of some “glitch” our primary fears surface… rapidly.

To be aware of “why the banks are closed” is important. That information passed along our networks will effectively help the dust settle. Checked!

However what are the implications of a new economic paradigm? How can we be sure it will work? How can we lead the way and offer evidence that IT CAN WORK?

Simple answer: We don’t know. It has never been tried before on a Global scale.

But if you continue to read this article I will give you some ideas that work on a LOCAL scale.

Another issue that became a trend in alternative media lately is either the new system is the “Beast” of a new world order, the catalyst for a futuristic cashless society managed by a centralized more benevolent world order or a truly organic society with decentralized government or finances, living as sovereign individuals in oneness.

My answer is: we don’t know. It’s just smoke and screens out there. Remember that the first casualty when war comes is truth. But we can’t just wait and watch. This could have dire consequences, usually something like feeling miserable in the end because things didn’t turn out as expected.

There is only one absolute certainty at this point and that is the current system… demolition.

I say demolition because I feel it was doomed to fail, but in such a slow motion manner that could take us forever to recover.

It almost feels like someone is leaving a trail for them to follow doesn’t?

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