If our economy collapsed today, could we handle food rationing? Experts say no

Thursday, May 10, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Could Americans survive a disaster? Experts say that even food rationing efforts, similar to those of World War I & II, would be colossal failures in today’s world. During those times, citizens were encouraged to grow their own Victory gardens and did their best to minimize food waste. “Doing your part” was essential, and making do was implied. The liberal cry-bullies of today would certainly be in for quite the rude awakening, wouldn’t they?

As sources explain, there are many reasons why 2018 USA would have a hard time surviving an economic collapse. In addition to the fact that the population is far less patriotic than in decades past, we have an entire generation of entitled, hypocritical, whiny brats running around trying to take people’s rights away. The kids of today would not be able to handle having our current government undertaking rationing efforts, even though the intended purpose of rationing is to ensure there’s enough food for everyone — rest assured, there would be a revolt.

At the very least, they’d probably cry in the streets about how unfair life is. Liberal talking points about equality, gun control and other issues seem to become notoriously absent when the talking heads themselves are asked to do something. Just look at the number of Democratic politicians who advocate for gun control from their soapboxes…which are secured by good guys with guns. Do we really expect that these elitists will participate in something like food rationing?

Perhaps they’d propose something like China’s new social credit score system: Only those deemed worthy get the food rations.

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