Broadway Producer and Democratic Donor Releases Musical Number, “We’re Coming To Take Your Guns”

Saturday, March 31, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Brock Simmons
March 31, 2018

“We are not saying we’re coming for your guns… WE’RE SINGING IT!” proclaims billionaire heir and Broadway play producer Jordan Roth in a preview video for what would be the next episode of his children themed web series titled “The Birds And The BS”. What followed was a bizarre Mr. Rogers-meets-showtunes rant about guns and the 2nd Amendment, with a guest appearance by an animated version of SNL alum Ana Gasteyer.

On the facebook link to the video, Roth uses the caption “We’re not saying we’re coming for your guns…we’re singing it! With Ana Gasteyer! Watch the latest episode of The Birds and the BS where we explore our 2nd Amendment wrong rights. #MarchForOurLives

The Birds and The BS with Jordan Roth is the kids show for adults! Because we forgot everything we learned in kindergarten. Join Mr. Jordan and his especially animated friends as they sing you towards the right path…but you know, left.”

The episode starts off with a facetious letter from a parent asking for advice about what to do if one of her kids chews gum irresponsibly and the other kid is a responsible gum chewer. Roth starts to replace “gum” with “gun”, and the Ana-mated Gasteyer enters the scene to lecture everyone on why guns are bad.

“Let me use an analogy to help with this one. Imagine for a moment that I am surrounded by people who play with their… GUN. With these people spitting bullets all over, would my mother still let me keep my gun?” to which Gasteyer singingly responds “OF COURSE NOT! It’s a fair point you make, this was not your mistake, I’m a law-abiding son, why take away my gun? But as a mother in charge of your fun, the acts of another can ruin it for everyone… This is why we can’t have assault weapons, or, you know what, guns of any kind” as the Ana-mated Gasteyer takes guns away from other animated figures and tosses them into her purse.

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