Google to begin bribing journalists with cash to parrot establishment news narratives that are often fake news

Friday, March 23, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Friday, March 23, 2018

They say in the political arena if you can’t get good coverage, buy it. Looks like social media giant Google is going into the business of buying favorable political coverage at the ‘expense’ of drowning out competing ideas (read conservative ideas).

As reported by Breitbart News, Google has decided that it should spend $300 million on a brand-new “news initiative” that aims to turn certain media outlets into real-life presstitutes.

According to details of the plan, Google’s money will go towards supporting what it’s Marxist editorial staff has determined to be “high quality journalism,” while pledging to combat “misinformation” during the upcoming 2018 Midterm elections.

“Google says the News Initiative is focused on three broad goals — strengthening quality journalism, supporting sustainable business models and empowering newsrooms through technological innovation,” reported Tech Crunch. “It’s also committing to spend $300 million over the next three years on its various journalism-related projects.”

Google Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler claimed during a press conference, “Our mission is inherently tied to your business… The economics are very clear: If you do not grow, we do not grow.”

He added that the social media giant has “two clear business incentives” to support and promote “high quality journalism.”

“First, he said Google search ‘by its very nature depends on the open web and depends on open access to information and that obviously depends on high quality information.’ Second, he noted that Google’s DoubleClick ad business is all about splitting revenue with publishers, with $12.6 billion paid out to partners last year,” Tech Crunch explained.

“Schindler also announced a partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School’s First Draft to launch something called the Disinfo Lab, which will ‘use computational tools and journalistic oversight to monitor misinformation during elections.’ And there’s a separate project called MediaWise, a partnership with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University, and the Local Media Association.’s Jacqueline Fuller described this as a $3 million, two-year media campaign to improve media literacy among teens,” the tech site further noted.

Translation: Google is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to completely destroy or, at the least, drown out conservative, independent media and all voices of liberty and freedom. To them, our voices will be “disinfo.” Our reporting will be “fake.” Our news will be “propaganda.”

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