Glenn “Benedict Arnold” Beck Returns to CNN

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
TheCommonSenseShow.comFebruary 27th, 2018

Glenn Beck gave America the best political commentary, in television, its best moments, ever! There was a time when I compared Glenn Beck to the mythical character, Howard Beale, from the famed movie, Network.

At his height, Glennn Beck had no peers. Now, he is exposed and disgraced and is calling for the censorship of the Independent Media.

Glenn Beck a CNN Misfit

My first encounter with Glenn Beck was when he was originally with CNN. One day, I watched in both horror and amazement as Glenn Beck went after the evils of the North American Union while broadcasting on CNN. Beck even invented a term to describe this folly, “CANAMEXAMERICA” to describe his unholy alliance.

I hated CNN and only would tune in to monitor what the bad guys were up to. Then there was the show where Beck went after the sacred globalist cow, NAFTA. I simply could not believe my eyes and ears. How was the conservative able to broadcast on CNN and keep his job? Well, he did not keep his job for long. Soon after, Obama was elected and Beck was nowhere to be found. By this time, I was actually becoming a Beck fan and I searched high and low for Beck on CNN to no avail. Beck had become like a flare in the night who made an impact but just as quickly disappeared.

“Hey Dave, Have You Ever Heard of Glenn Beck?”
On my radio show, The Common Sense Show, I lamented the fact that Beck had seemingly disappeared from the airwaves. Shortly after that, I began to receive emails from my listeners telling me that Beck was on Fox. I could not believe it, Fox was just as bad as CNN in those days for lying to the public and obfuscating the truth.

I soon discovered that Beck occupied a prime-time spot on Fox and made an enormous splash. I remember Beck saying that he was such a threat to the establishment that he had to hire bodyguards to protect not only him, but his family.

Unprecedented Network Content

n 2009, I was one of the few Americans who actually knew how felon, Bill Ayers, of the Weatherman Underground, had actually launched Obama’s political career from his Chicago home. Bill Ayers was a convicted domestic terrorist. Glenn Beck fully exposed these facts and more to the American viewing public and by this time, the Beck show was number one in it type and time slot with over 4 million Americans tuning in each night. It was a globalist nightmare.

From Beck, America learned how Obama became President. People like Van Jones were exposed for being the dangerous radicals that they were. As an aside, did anyone see where disgraced Van Jones, now on (where else?) CNN just stated that if teachers are armed, they would purposely shoot Black and Latino students? And he’s still on CNN.

If I could not watch Beck live, I recorded him. He talked about the Bilderberg, raised questions about Bohemian grove and fully exposed Obama’s communist party connections. I thought he would be assassinated at some point. On his show, he used to display the “red phone” which the Presidents of Russia and America could call each other as a last ditch effort to avoid nuclear war. In Beck’s case, he displayed the “red phone” to allow the Obama people to call him if anything he said was incorrect. It was great theater. Beck also exposed Rules for Radicals and the Hillary Clinton connection. From a television perspective, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Why Did Beck Go to Fox?

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