The 3 Step Process to Sovietize the United States

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 20th, 2018

America is under seige by a three part plot designed to eliminate all opposition to a communist-style revolution sweeping across America.

The Sovietization of American Academia

Robert Zimmer is the University of Chicago’s current President. He has issued a speaking invitation to President Trump’s former top advisor, Steve Bannon. Bannon is scheduled to talk at the school early in early March. President Zimmer is taking massive criticism for daring to let Steve Bannon speak at this hallowed institution of what is becoming an institution of higher propaganda, where academic freedom and freedom of speech and divergent political opinions are welcome. Instead we are witnessing the Sovietization of America beginning with its post-secondary school institutions.

Only Liberals May Enter

There is a viewpoint that emerging from the hidden recesses of logic and it goes like this:

Peace is a desirable attribute. Therefore, we must kill people to preserve the peace. Or, virginity is a desirable attribute. Therefore, having lots of fornication experiences is important in the cause of preserving virginity.

You get the idea and the illogic of leftist mentality is exposed. One would think that this type of thinking would be laughed out of a room. However, and quite to the contrary, our institutions of higher propaganda are embracing this nonsense as as a “legitimate” political position as more than 100 Chicago professors have signed an open letter to President Zimmer as they are strenuously objecting to having Steve Bannon being allowed to speak at Chicago University.

“The university should model inclusion for a country that is reeling from the consequences of racism, xenophobia, and hate.”

Beyond all logic, these braniac professors are choosing to propose to “model inclusion” by EXCLUDING viewpoints they find objectionable:

“We believe that Bannon should not be afforded the platform and opportunity to air his hate speech on this campus.”

Even The Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page i decrying this action by America’s newest guardians of the truth.

We’ve Been Down This Road Before-Many Times

The manner in which the former Soviet Union is coming into prominence, in America, has been done before.

In today’s political climate the President has been declared guilty of mental illness by the left. President Trump, according to the modern-day communists in America, should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment because his views are deranged and dangerous. After all, Trump believes in both the First and Second Amendment. He further believes in the territorial integrity of America’s borders. He is a nationalist, not a globalist. He wants to improve the American economy, not destroy it. And most of all, he is attempting to carry out his duty in protecting America from enemies both foreign and domestic and than includes standing up to freedom-busting liberal who want to see the country destroyed. Therefore, according to the liberals, Trump is mentally ill and must be removed from office.

This type of illogical thinking is exactly what the world saw from the former Soviet Union before its demise. And what did the Soviets do? They removed all dissenters from their society, declared that they had a new mental illness called political schizophrenia and used this as the sole basis for their incarceration. The illogic of the communist left basically went like this:

The State is always correct. And if someone defies the State in thought, word and deed, they must be crazy and removed from society for their own protection and for the protection of society as a whole.

Thus, the politization of the mental health profession was used to stifle dissent. The world’s mental health practitioners decried the process of inappropriately using a mental health diagnosis to stifle political viewpoints and to jail “dissenters”. However, the practice continued until the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own tyranny.

The Parallels Between the Former Soviet Union and Modern-Day America

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