The Ultimate Extinction Level Event

Monday, February 5, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 5th, 2018

As Einstein stated at the height of World War I, “What a pity we don’t live on Mars so that we could observe the futile activities of human beings only through a telescope. . .”

We could be as far away as Mars and the globalists, the servants of Satan, would still find a way to ensnare us in their trap to destroy humanity.

This article and subsequent video with an interview with Steve Quayle will serve to warn humanity about how far Transhumanism has progressed.

Ex-NSA Operative Vance Davis’ Warning
In 1993, I heard Vance Davis on Art Bell’s show. I could tell that he must have known about the secret space program that my father was involved in from a research, reverse engineering perspective. At that time, my father had already revealed his role in the program to me, but I was sworn to secrecy because my mother could have lost all the family’s assets if I got caught revealing state secrets due to the national security oath that my father had signed.

After my mother passed in 2011, I was able to speak more freely. However, in 1993, there was really nobody that I could speak with on this topic. This was hard on me because I witnessed the lies being told by NASA to the American people. Then along came Vance Davis. After his appearance on Art Bell, and this was the first time I had ever listened to Art, I reached out to Vance and though I would test the waters on this topic. Perhaps we could talk because he might have as much to lose as I did.

Vance actually responded to me through a gentleman named Bill Pawelec. Bill wore many hats in his life, but among them was being a contract agent for the CIA in the area of communications technology. Interestingly, Bill had worked for a brief time with my father at Sunstrand Electric (Westminster, CO) on classified satellite applications. After I passed my initial test with Bill, he introduced me to Vance.

Vance and I began a 25 years friendship. However, it wasn’t the secret space program that cemented our professional interests, it was Vance’s knowledge in something called Transhumanism, although we did not call it that in 1993.

Vance told me that in his NSA training, he was taught two relevant things in relation to this topic:

1.There was a perpetual war that was being waged in the cosmos and the Earth was at the center of controversy with the control of man’s soul constituting the ultimate prize. Control of this prize was being sought by who most of would call, Satan.
2.Satan was unable to unlock the secrets of the soul and Satan’s mission morphed into destroying God’s creation through the destruction of the human being itself. Thus, Transhumanism in the modern era was born.

These revelations were part of Vance’s NSA training, but my knowledge and understanding went to new level when I met Steve Quayle.

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