Controlled Demolition of the Markets – Dollar, Next Treasuries, Then Stocks – Gold, Silver and PM Stocks to Soar

Friday, January 26, 2018
By Paul Martin

By: Clive Maund
Friday, 26 January 2018

What we are about to witness in the markets will be similar to watching a gigantic controlled demolition, like say the World Trade Center controlled demolition in NYC. The initial charge that starts the whole sequence of momentous events is the dollar breakdown of recent days. This was triggered by the imposition of destructive trade tariffs by the Trump Administration who then made it plain they were happy to see the dollar drop to make US exports more competitive. Actions have consequences, and a falling dollar will make dollar denominated investments less attractive, like the Treasuries, which the US depends on to funnel the rest of the world’s wealth into its coffers – the deal has always been this: the US prints up unlimited quantities of dollars and Treasuries, created electronically with a few keystrokes, and then exchanges them for goods and services from the rest of the world, with most of the inflationary consequences of this pushed off onto the rest of the world. Other countries around the world have until now gone along with this scam, because if they don’t they get cut off from the SWIFT system, subjected to punitive sanctions or even invaded, or a combination of the three.

So, the sequence of events in this controlled demolition in a nutshell is this – the dollar drops hard, Treasuries, which are already very close to breaking down from their long-term uptrend, tank, and interest rates skyrocket. The stockmarket, already massively overstretched, implodes. The speculative urban Real Estate market crashes and gold and silver soar as a safehaven, amplified by acute shortage of physical, most of which now resides in vaults in China. Gold and silver miners, already streamlined and efficient, stand to make fortunes as gold and silver prices race far above their respective AISC (all in sustaining cost) breakeven levels, and gold and silver stocks skyrocket. When all this happens we can expect the resulting economic privation in the US to send the drug-addled population “loco”, whereupon they will find themselves confronting a police force armed to the teeth with military equipment, and with the legal backing to “do whatever is necessary” afforded by the provisions of the Patriot Acts, and rioters will find that there is practically unlimited accommodation available for them in the extensive network of FEMA camps, where they will have plenty of time to read the detailed provisions of the Patriot Acts, if they can get their hands on a copy, unless of course, they are put to work, perhaps after being detoxed.

Let’s now look at this sequence of impending market events on the charts. We start with the dollar, which has just broken down from a giant 3-year long Bullhorn Top or Broadening Formation. The dollar’s immediate downside target following this clear breakdown is the 80 area on the index. A drop of this magnitude is huge and will have profound repercussions, not least on the Treasury market, because there will be little motivation to invest in a country whose currency is plunging. This looks set to occur regardless of any bounce to alleviate the short-term oversold condition.

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