The Combined Resources of the Deep State Are Being Defeated by President Trump

Thursday, January 11, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 11th, 2018

Against all odds and the combined resources of the Deep State, President Trump is experiencing overwhelming success.

The Combined Resources of the Deep State

Donald Trump beat 16 corrupt, Deep-State controlled Republican candidates in the 2016 Republican primary. Following that victory, he destroyed Hillary in the general election, only massive voting fraud kept the election close.

President Trump’s political successes have come in the face of blatant lies and coordinated scheming of the MSM whose entire existence has morphed into removing this populist Presient from office. For example, CNN serves no other purpose than to get President Trump removed from office. CNN’s low ratings reflext the folly of this endeavor. The American people have voted with their feet and if organizations like Clear Channel Communications, owners of 1300 mainstream media radio stations and CNN/MSNBC/CNBC/ABC/CBS/ESPN et al, are all going, or have gone broke.

ESPN, whose former President was arrested on child pornography charges is on life support having just fired 150 significant employees in order to stop the financial bleeding. The American people, including myself, are tired of a sports network acting as a propaganda instrument of the Deep State. This endeavor was never more in evidence than this past Monday evening at College football’s national championship game. I was listening on ESPN radio during my commute home. I knew that President Trump was going to be a part of the opening ceremonies, so I tuned in. When the President was introduced to the crowd, he was wildly cheered.There was about 30 seconds of dead air on the radio in which the crowd reaction was on full display. I believe the ESPN accouncers were instructed to remain silent because they were hoping for a negative crowd reaction to President Trump as he was introduced. I could hear nothing but prolonged cheering over the dead air. Yet, that did not dissuade the ESPN accouncer from saying “There’s quite a mixed response the President received”. I think ESPN should invest in the purchase of “Miracle Ear” hearing aid products for its announcers. The President was the recipient of very robust and prolonged cheering from the crowd. I could not hear the negative reaction alluded to by the agent of ESPN propaganda. This is the same behavior as we see in these network polls that demean the President and word polling questions to the degree that ehey could easily elicit a negative reaction. Yet, independent polling shows that this President is not only popular with his base, he has expanded his base of support.

We have not learned that President Trump has been battling corrupt FBI agents who actively plotted to have him removed from office. No, President Trump is not paranoid, my own FBI source has seen the proof, up close and personal of the involvement of FBI personnel in the Russian Dossier.

Economic Prosperity Follows Donald Trump
Yet, even with the entire Deep State appartus mobilzed to remove Donald Trump from office, the economy, for the first time in decades is showing signs of life. Employment is up while entitlement programs such as Food Stamps are way down. President Trump has removed the onerous burden of mandatory Obamacare off of the backs of the American people. Trump’s tax plan is already paying dividends to the American people. Countless corporations are sharing their tax savings by providing their employees with their employees.

The housing market is making huge gains when only a year ago, the experts were predicting anouther destructive bursting of the new housing market bubble. President Trump’s policies, enacted with very little congressional support, have stemmed the tide of various housing market bubbles.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is soaring. The present GDP is stabalized at 3%. This is more than double what Obama accomplished. Actually, Obama accomplished much in his 8 years. He destroyed America’s credibility with our traditional allies, he destroyed healthcare, he plunged the economy, with his marxist-socialist policies, to new lows. The Obama nightmare that plagued this country for eight long years has largely been eradicated and the Trump machine marches on.

The American people are witnessing the return of their jobs to American soil. Previously, the corporate tax rate was so high that American jobs were being exported and that trend is being reversed.

This is the first time in my life that I have seen trickle down economics actually trickle down to the level of the average worker and I, as an American citizen am enormously proud of this President for staying the course in order to help the American people.

Our Enemies Are In Full Retreat

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