Jeff Sessions Needs to be Fired and Prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice

Sunday, January 7, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 7th, 2018

Everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear knows that Hillary Clinton should already be in prison. Hillary was able to keep “stealing and dealing” for as long as she did because of the three corrupt people, namely. former President Obama, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and fired FBI director, James Comey and whole host of subordinates. However, none of these three are a in a position where they protect the beneficiary of the most corrupt criminal enterprise on the planet, The Clinton Foundation. Then why isn’t Hillary Clinton locked up as current President Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions? The answer to the question is that there is a fourth person who is just as corrupt and willing to commit malfeasance of office in order to keep Hillary Clinton a free woman and that person would be the obstructionist Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Collapse of the Russian Collusion Delusion

The case of the Russian collusion case being levied against President Trump has collapsed. In multiple MSM outlets, it has been convincingly demonstrated that the Clinton Foundation and the DNC paid $12 million for the fake Russian Dossier to be created and then used as a fraud against the President and the American people. The dossier was then used to falsely try and implicate President Trump for conspiracy to collaborate with the Russians designed to defraud the 2016 general election campaign.

Clinton’s actions even led to the use of a British spy who fabricated evidence against the President. In the process, elections laws were broken and the President was falsely smeared. This dossier became the reason for the special counsel, Congressional hearings and wall-to-wall news media false allegations against President Trump. This dossier was even used for FISA warrants for eavesdropping on the President and his staff as well as being used for several instances of unmasking.

This has been a case of “wag the dog” in which Clinton made up a crime and caused the government to spend tens of millions of dollars investigating a non-existent crime.

The Real Russian Collusion

The real Russian-collusion took place in 2009 when the Obama administration approved Hillary’s actions to sell uranium to the Russians. Specifically, the Obama’s Trade Committee for Foreign Investment rubber stamped the Russian deal and on that committee was Hillary Clinton. Talk about the fox watching the henhouse. Also, as a result, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for making a speench to the Russians. On the committee were other Obama notables such as Tim Geithner, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and Robert Gates. In total, there were 11 Obama lackeys involved in the Uranium One deal and everyone of them had connections to the Clinton Foundation in which Obama’s inner circle of power sold uranium used to make nuclear bombs, to our enemy, the Russians. This is Russian collusion and it ain’t no delusion. This is also treason of the highest order.

AG Sessions Should Have Taken These Actions Against the Clinton Cabal
Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, the man who delivered the first batch of uranium to the Russians in 2009, must be fired immediately.

Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, must be fired immediately. He appointed Robert Mueller to Special Counsel when he knew that Mueller was friends with Comey. This is a prohibited violation of the conflict of interest laws in this matter. By the way, Rosenstein knew that Mueller was the head of the FBI when the Uranium One deal went down. Rosenstein’s demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from the Russian Collusion Delusion proceedings is enough reason to fire him immediately.

Major members of the mainstream media conspired with Comey, Rosenstein and Clinton and falsely claimed to have anonymous witnesses and sources that FALSELY stated that the President colluded with the Russians. The worst offenders were the Washington Post (Bezos and Amazon), the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Aol-Time Warner, CBS, ABC, Facebook, Google and Clear Channel Communications. They all need to be prosecuted for facilitating a fraud against the President and the American people and using tax payer’s money to do so. These people and their organizations all belong behind bars along with Hillary Clinton.

The Crimes of Jeff Sessions

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, should have already appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal. I am tired of Sessions not doing his job. He has said that he’s not going after the Clinton emails, Lois Lerner gets a walk after misusing the IRS for political purposes. Further, he has stated that he’s not going after Loretta Lynch for her role in the HSBC fraud that was first exposed on this website as well as her illegal tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton (re the emails) in Phoenix.

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