Iran Protests Go Violent – Color Revolution Becoming More Likely

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Brandon Turbeville
JANUARY 2, 2018

Despite being nowhere near the scale of the 2009 Green Movement color revolution, the recent Iranian protests have nonetheless captured the attention of the world. The questions surrounding the protests are legion but the chief among them are whether or not they are legitimate organic Iranian sentiment or whether they are a Western-backed color revolution aimed at destabilizing the Iranian government.

While many of the demands of the protesters are entirely legitimate (i.e. end to religious rule, better handling of the economy, equal rights for women, etc.) and should be respected regardless of “majority” support, other demands mirror those of the United States, NATO, GCC, and Israel (i.e. stop supporting Palestine and Syria). There is no doubt that the Iranian government is tyrannical and oppressive, but there is much doubt as to whether or not these protests are the result of Iranians being fed up with that rule or whether they are the result of yet more Western meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly those next on the chopping block.

The protests taking place across Iran today bear the hallmark of a Western destabilization operation, regardless of the legitimacy of a number of their demands. For instance, 1.) the protests began as economic demonstrations but quickly morphed into “anti-government,” regime change gatherings 2.) some of the demands seem to mirror the foreign policy desires of the United States, NATO, GCC, and Israel 3.) the corporate Western press is exaggerating the numbers of people participating, 4.) pro-government demonstrations are being ignored by the press 5.) the protests have turned violent in many areas 6.) the protests are supported by the U.S. and Israeli governments as well as by other European governments 7.) the protests are being supported by Neo-cons in the Western press and 8.) the protests are being supported by terrorist organizations (of the Islamic and Marxist varieties).

Those Who Support The Protests

Just from taking a glance at the Western corporate press, it’s easy to discern that the corporate media is united in their “perspective” that the protests in Iran are an organic expression of freedom. This is, after all, the “perspective” of these press outlets in any country where a color revolution is taking place, thus reaffirming the fact that the MSM is not merely a collection of money hungry corporations but also weaponized propaganda that can be used to manipulate the minds of people at home and abroad.

In terms of state support, however, it is useful to note that not only has the U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly tweeted support for the protests, but genocidal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also released a video praising the protesters and encouraging their “movement.”

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