If You See These 14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, this article is presented by request of one of the readers. Here is the requesting comment, as posted to the recent METL (Mission Essential Task List) article of mine:

RedClay: “How about a list of circumstances for when it’s time to bug out. I’m amazed on prepper discussion boards about bugging out, at how many people are going to hit the road to bug out BEFORE the crowds mob the roads. But how will people know when to bug out? What combination of signs or circumstances will one depend on, in that decision? If one waits until it’s obvious, then everyone will know & be on the roads.”

So, as you can see, this is a common question in everyone’s mind, and not unusual by any means. We have presented articles in the past to help you gauge by different sources how to prepare and when something is likely to happen. Let’s jump into this in-depth!

One of the problems with preparation is the desire for an exact forecast of when the end of the world is going to occur. First, allow me to state I’m Jeremiah Johnson, not the Prophet Jeremiah. Secondly, anyone who claims to be a Prophet (not to delve into didactics) may not necessarily be one. So, what to do?

If You See These 14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

What you do is observe what is happening and estimate…comparing possible with probable and coming up with the best course of action…and act when you know and feel it is the time to do so.

There are keys to show you that everything is going down. The more that occur simultaneously, the higher the probability that it’s time to get out of town. Let’s list some of them (and some of these may surprise you):

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One Response to “If You See These 14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Bug out to where you bozos ? Watch some “rvive with nothing in the woods” videos on Youtube and tell me what 99 % of the sheeple you’re telling to bug out would do after 1 week out there. Stop giving retarded advice.

    You SHOULD be saying : 1. Stock up and inform your fellow white Christian neighbors to do the same. 2. Make deals with the RIGHT neighbors to meet at the biggest house or two and use them as forts WHEN poo really hits fan. Get both homes industrial fire proofed now and as bulletproof as possible. 3. Form The Confederate Party and start pushing for an enlarged Confederate States for white Christians and two republics for “everyone else” NOW. It’ll take a new state / country to stop chem trails for instance. We don’t have 9 years to live if they keep chem trailing.


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