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Sunday, December 31, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 31st, 2017

Manson has died but his ideas of a racial civil war are very much alive thanks to George Soros. George Soros has resurrected Manson’s “Helter skelter” and is promoting a racial civil war in order to overthrow America. Although Manson is now dead, his ideas of promoting a racial civil war did not die with him. They live on in the hearts of many liberals including George Soros.

I have never seen a time such as the one we are presently living in. The foundations our once stable society are being uprooted and challenged by people who are Godless and immoral. The only thing that one can count on is that tomorrow will bring great change as the mentally ill and morally bankrupt Left thinks of new ways to unhinge our traditional beliefs. As troublesome as the attacks are upon conservative belief systems, one must be cognizant of the fact that any student of history will tell you that all the elements of civil war are already in place. The rhetoric is at such a fever pitch that certain groups have been depersonalized to the point that genocide would be an acceptable option to some.

Reverse Racism

One does not have to like Donald Trump as our President. However, when one calls Trump a racist, I draw the line and label these reports as fake news. Take the controversial DACA situation in which young children were brought to America by their parents. There is a widespred belief, including by this author, that these individuals should not be held accountable for their illegal trespass into our country and if they are not criminals, or terrorists, they should be provided with a naturalization period and a path to citizenship. President Trump is on the record stating that he does not want to deport the noncriminal among them.

The sole statutory authority arrest, grant amnesty, provide a naturalization period, or to deport rests with Congress, not with the President. When Obama issued his EO regarding DACA, he broke the law like he has donw so many times before. Despite these Presidential proclamations, he is still being labled a racist by the MSM.

America should be praising Donald Trump for following the law with regard to DACA. If Trump wanted to deport this population, they would already be gone. Instead, he issued a six month stay on deportation. President Trump has forcefully told Congress, in a very public manner, that the responsibility to deal with the DACA issue rests solely on its shoulders. To date, Congress, including the most liberal Democrats, who never met a border that they respected, have shirked in regard to their responsiblity on this important issue.

Trump’s six month delay on the DACA issue does not make him a racist, it make him a compassionate, but law-abiding President. The people protesting Trump on this issue are woefully ignorant and their efforts would be better spent going after Congress for their failure to act.

By the way, in this present political climate, what do you think would happen to President Trump if he granted amnesty to the DACA group? Well of course he would be instantly impeached for violating the Constitution.

The War On Whites

As a note of contextual reference, I have worked in professions which have brought me into direct contact with people of color and I can accurately state that the vast majority of Blacks and Latinos do not hate white people. Many I know are sensitive to issues of equality as well they should be. However, they do not hate whited, they are not advocating for violence against whites and they are abhored by the manufactured racial strife being promoted by the ultra liberal professors in our country. Even the President is the victim of such vicious attacks. The following is an excerpt from a liberal rag that is trying to promote racial discord, not trying to correct inequality, but promoting separation among the races:

“There’s one reason Trump can get away with a vulgar, dysfunctional White House: He’s white

The White House’s bad boys benefit from the privilege that society grants white men.”

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  1. Strayhorse

    Race, religion, gender and nationality are not the cause of hate and conflicts in the world, they are just the tools for division, distraction and disorientation of the masses. The cause of hate and conflicts in the world today is greed. Greed and fear motivate most humans, and freed separates the haves from the have-nots. The haves care less about the have-nots, and the haves would prefer that the have-nots fight among themselves so the haves can have more. Those haves are comprised of many races, religions, genders and nationality’s. They are not predominately white. Again, making whites the boogeyman is the way the haves can keep the have-nots distracted. The majority, which are have-nots MUST focus instead on how the haves are getting their money and the have-nots will then have the ammunition and clout to be in control of equitable wealth re-distribution of funds acquired illegally through persecution and slavery of the have-nots.


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