Confessions of a CIA Black-Ops Insider On Past False Flag Operations…(Must Listen!)

Friday, December 22, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 22nd, 2017

The following is a 2 part interview with a former CIA black-ops participant, Cody Snodgris. The following interview clearly establishes, from a first-hand perspective. how many national tragedies are actually false flag operations which almost always follow the same pattern of planning and implementation. Everything from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the JFK assassination, and many more flase flag events are discussed with this previous insider who has decided to go public at great risk to himself. This is one of the most important interviews ever conducted on The Common Sense Show.

This interview is so very important because it reveals how much of what the American people are told is a lie. It also reveals that the science and implementation of false flag operations is a stand alone industry with an internal hierarchy and organizational structure. This interview also reveals that the practice of false flag operations are a subset of the Deep State and that these people will stop at nothing to stop the rising tide of populism being led by the election of Donald Trump. One thing is abundantly clear America, the closer President Trump gets to carrying out his MAGA agenda, the closer the American people get to very decisive false flag operations.

I was once told by an ex-FEMA official before he “bugged out” five years ago, that the “powers-that-be” will stop at nothing to smash American populism. This FEMA official was part of counter-intelligence for bioweapons. He was clear on one point, if America does not roll over and capitulate, there is nothing that the deep state will not do to subjugate this country. He felt that a cocktail of severe bioweapons would be unleashed on the American people, which would force the US into martial law and invite the UN into the power structure of this country through the declaration of martial law. Amaingly, these words were shared with me prior to the emergence of President Trump as a candidate.

Please share the following 2 part interview with your social media and email lists. The average American needs to be exposed to the inherent evil that awaits them in the coming days.

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  1. Linda Bryant

    Larry Nichols website is It is a very simple site because Jack Easom stole Larry’s other site that had all his recordings on it.

    Larry is very sick. He had surgery a couple of days ago, but he is still guiding his army with Mary Ellen York’s help. You can contact Mary Ellen through the website to get the information on the work the army is doing.

  2. jim mcmahon

    This was an UNBELIEVABLE show. People need to hear this. So many of these conspiracy guys (whom I believe speak truth) all claim there is a spiritual battle, politics is just a minor platform for it. GET right with Christ folks, the battle is on, the swamp is going to be draining and things are going to get VERY BAD.

  3. Jack DID NOT steal ANYTHING! That was His Website!

    Larry went back on His Word for the Financis for the website


  4. Manny

    Mr. Martin

    Thanks for all you do. I realize there are tens of thousands of Americans that do not know your site exist, but, I am attempting to pass all your information along as quickly as possible. Can we save America? Don’t know. Your insights and contacts are so very valuable to all who will take time to listen and read…maybe, just maybe this country can be saved. The eight yeas of treason 44 have made it difficult, near impossible. Electing President Trump MAY be just the key.

    God be with you Mr. Martin. God bless you for your patriotism.


  5. Your Welcome!! Thanks Manny!



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