2017: The year of unprecedented assaults on your freedom

Friday, December 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Friday, December 15, 2017

If the year 2017 has shown us anything, it’s that many of our basic freedoms are slowly being infringed upon. Whether it be over-zealous governments “cracking down” on the crime of gardening on your own property, or the liberal war on free speech — it’s crystal clear that freedom and liberty have been under attack at every turn. There’s no doubt that untold numbers of people have been impacted by assaults on their freedom, here are some of the top stories that show just how far the desecration of autonomy has gone.

Mom jailed for not vaccinating her own child

This fall, medical freedom in the United States took a serious blow when a Detroit, MI mom was jailed for a week, after she refused to follow a court order requiring her to vaccinate her son. Rebecca Bredow, the brave mom who fought against the corrupt judicial system poised against her parental rights, says she followed every state law regarding vaccination and waivers. Yet, her ex-husband was still able to take her to court and demand that their child be vaccinated. After refusing to follow the court’s mandate, Rebecca was jailed for five days — meanwhile, her husband got temporary custody of their son and had him immunized.

Florida court makes it illegal to grow food in your own front yard

Multiple homeowners in Florida have had run-ins with the law for the “crime” of gardening in their own front yards. Apparently, your property isn’t as much yours as it is the government’s? After a years-long dispute, a Florida court finally sided with the Village of Miami Shores — rendering it illegal to have a vegetable garden on your own lawn. This egregious display of government overreach not only violates property rights, but is a massive strike against food and health freedom, as well.

Raw milk goes to trial in Canada

In Canada, one man has been fighting for food freedom for many years. Michael Schmidt has been to the Canadian Province Court of Ontario repeatedly for the “crime” of producing and distributing raw milk — and he’s basically been challenging the courts just as long. But in summer 2017, the raging debate over milk freedom came to a boiling point, as Schmidt took up his case against the government. Schmidt reportedly commented, “It’s a total police state when it comes to raw milk here because there’s absolutely no leniency on any level.” He continued, “They are saying it’s the most dangerous substance you can think of and should never be allowed. There’s not even a proper scientific debate about it. It’s all on an emotional, fear-based level.” If Schmidt loses, the battle for food freedom regarding raw milk could be lost entirely.

Health coach threatened with jail time

Freedom is certainly under attack in Florida this year; certified organic health coach and military wife Heather Kokesh Del Castillo was threatened with hefty fines and a stint in jail for offering nutrition advice to her clients. Heather was a privately licensed health coach who freely practiced in California before moving to the Sunshine State. After moving her practice to Florida, Heather was reported to the state’s Department of Health and was ultimately targeted by the government with excessive fines and a threat of jail time. Her crime? Offering basic nutrition advice to her clients. As her lawyers contend, if she had compiled all her advice into a book — the government wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. Yet, because her license wasn’t recognized by the state of Florida, she was a criminal. Seriously?

CBD, Cannabis and Kratom still illegal

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