The Central Banks Evil Blockchain

Monday, December 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

The Central Banks Evil Blockchain

Since 2008, every country in the world that has a central bank has near zero or negative interest rates and run large budget deficits, to make up for the difference countries digitally print money and add it to their debt. The entire world economy has intentionally been turned into a Ponzi scheme. All while the corrupt media reports a strong economy.

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and the central banks and their media, aside of some propaganda, endorse and encourage investment into Digital Ledger Technology (DLT or blockchain). In 2017, from manufactures to country assessors to county clerk’s offices are placing tangible assets and commodities on DLT utilizing standardization. The National Association of Realtors and CRT Labs, a research group operated by the National Association of Realtor Center for Realtor Technology, are implementing DLT or Blockchain into all aspects of a real estate transaction RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standards) is the technology allows real estate software to communicate utilizing standardized data fields RETS is currently being utilized with DLT

After all tangible assets and commodities are placed on DLT utilizing standardization, it will not matter what cryptocurrency you use, the standardization collects your personal data and the transaction is not anonymous and you can be taxed. The central bankers can then utilize “any” cryptocurrency to conduct transactions on centralized country specific blockchains and blockchains that utilize standardization.

Every country in the world will have its own DLT (blockchain) that has standardization and every tangible asset and commodity will have been added to country specific and county specific blockchains. This will allow countries to go to a cashless society and utilize negative interest rates.

When the Globalists collapse their world economic Ponzi scheme, their new world currency in already in place, and Libertarians unwittingly created it for them.

There is a technological approach to circumvent the coming central bank control system.

The 1776 Token has been designed to circumvent the coming central banker control system. Read pages 2 thru 4 of this report, it is common sense: 



For a cryptocurrency to have long term success:

1) It must have a use case and be used as money

2) It must have marketing and distribution and be exposed to millions of people

3) It must be affordable with super growth potential.

177,600,000 tokens were created, and we’re giving away 10 free tokens to 10 million people to:

1) Make it unstoppable

2) Create as large as blockchain as Bitcoin

3) When we enter the exchanges, because we will have as large as blockchain as Bitcoin, the 1776 Token should have a high valuation.

To claim your free 10 tokens, create a free account on

After we enter the exchanges, products and services can be purchased on, thus the 1776 Token is used as money, and the marketplace circumvents to a degree the coming centralized government blockchains. is similar to YouTube, however we promote the truth while YouTube censors the truth. is a Truth Seekers platform and an Independent Media platform where we are paying YouTube channels to post on FreedomTube – and – promote the 1776 Token and FreedomTube on their YouTube channels. FreedomTube and has free IPTV and WebRTC for independent media to broadcast worldwide. We will have HUNDREDS of independent media outlets on the Freedom platform promoting the platform and the 1776 Token.

The 1776 Token has massive marketing and distribution and will be exposed to millions of people.

The 1776 Token can easily be a top 10 cryptocurrency and the next Bitcoin.

Claim your 10 free 1776 Tokens today at

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  1. Curtis

    I have heard that Oklahoma now has ‘mandatory’ home inventory that requires counting “EVERYTHING” down to the last fork and spoon so all items can be ‘taxed.’ I can’t confirm this; if someone can tell me if this is true would most appreciate the information.


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