North Korea can now kill off 90% of the U.S. population with a single warhead that doesn’t even need to survive atmospheric re-entry

Thursday, November 30, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, November 30, 2017

North Korea has now demonstrated the ability to launch an ICBM on a trajectory sufficient to deliver a nuclear warhead to any city in the United States of America. Even worse, the rogue nation already possesses EMP weapons technology that can be detonated at altitude — above the atmosphere — to destroy practically the entire U.S. power grid in an instant.

We’ve warned readers about this scenario for years, and now it has become a real threat. The book, “One Second After,” fictionalized the aftermath of such a scenario, and several courageous whistleblowers have tried to warn the U.S. government to upgrade the national power grid to resist such an attack, but such warnings have so far fallen on deaf ears in Washington D.C.

Until North Korea’s current regime is eliminated or neutralized, all Americans are now at extreme risk from both an EMP attack or direct nuclear weapons (which may even include hydrogen bomb capabilities that are vastly more powerful than mere atomic bombs).

Analysis by Michael Snyder, a man we need to send to Washington

Michael Snyder, author of The Economic Collapse Blog, is running for U.S. Congress. He has offered a detailed analysis of the EMP threat posed by North Korea, and I couldn’t have detailed it any better. So below, I’m reprinting his analysis in full. Read his original post at this link.

Article by Michael Snyder:

This is why North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile is so important. North Korea had test fired a total of 22 missiles so far this year, but this latest one showed that nobody on the globe is out of their reach. In fact, General Mattis is now admitting that “North Korea can basically threaten everywhere in the world”, and that includes the entire continental United States. In addition to hitting individual cities with nukes, there is also the possibility that someday North Korea could try to take down the entire country with an EMP attack. If the North Koreans detonated a single nuclear warhead several hundred miles above the center of the country, it would destroy the power grid and fry electronics from coast to coast.

I would like you to think about what that would mean for a few moments. Suddenly there would be no power at home, at work or at school. Since nearly all of our vehicles rely on computerized systems, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere and nobody would be able to get to you. And you wouldn’t be able to contact anyone because all phones would be dead. Basically, pretty much everything electronic would be dead. I am talking about computers, televisions, GPS devices, ATMs, heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, credit card readers, gas pumps, cash registers, hospital equipment, traffic lights, etc.

For the first couple of days life would continue somewhat normally, but then people would soon start to realize that the power isn’t coming back on and panic would begin to erupt.

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