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Thursday, November 30, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 30th, 2017

Happy times for Shawna Cox and Ammon Bundy who have both appeared on The Common Sense Show as they talked about their objectives in Burns, Oregon. The Bundy’s have won.

My email “blew up” last night with the revelation that the Bundy’s are going to be released. Many in the Independent Media, such as Debra Cochran the host of the Blog Talk radio show Spread-the-Word when she stated the following:

How did you know a DAY BEFORE…that the Bundy’s would be released? They didn’t even know!

She’s right, the Bundys’ did not know, but key members of the FBI did.

An FBI Agent Told Me So…

Any media type that works in the business for very long will not last if they do not protect their sources.

I had the information on the pending release of the Bundy’s almost 72 hours before it happened. I was not permitted to provide the source, or affiliated agency, of the information at that time. I was told by my source to find confirming information, elsewhere, but the release was imminent. When I was unable to fully validate the release in the Independent Media, I published the affirmative statement that the Bnndy’s will be released. My first report, published on my Youtube Channel, I reported the story as something that was imminent and confirmed. That was because I believed I was getting solid backup for what the FBI agent told me. Here was original report which was filed on Youtube on November 27, 2017 at 8pm Mountain:

The following email is a sample of the communications I am receiving after the announced intention to release the Bundy’s and the firestorm of criticsm that followed when the release did not happen on the first days of the report.


I owe you an apology! My goodness you were reporting on the Bundy’s being released from prison before it happened. No one else knew till today. I am so sorry I did not believe you! I hope you get my message. Very good work! I follow the Bundy’s closely and the family seemed to be surprised of this too. Anyway it is great news! Thank you and I will not doubt you again! Karen H.

Some on my YouTube channel viciously attacked me when the release did not come that day (11/27) and I never said what day they were going to be released and even my source did not know the day. Now we all know the truth. My FBI source, of which I can now anonymously reference, was correct. The Bundy’s are soon to be free. Although Cliven Bundy has chosen to remain in jail until all of the accused are freed. I am not surprised because all of the Bundy’s have the highest amount of integrity.

Here is the confirming report to the release of the Bundy men.

From the LA Times:

…whose standoff with federal officials made him a darling of the anti-government movement, can now remain free on bond as his trial on felony weapons and conspiracy charges continues.

Bundy says no thanks.

After U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro granted the order to release him Wednesday, The 71-year-old rancher promptly refused it.

He’d rather stay in jail, said John Lamb, a Bundy supporter, until he and his fellow defendants are exonerated and free men.

It was the latest odd twist in the 3-week-old trial of Bundy, two of his sons — Ammon and Ryan Bundy — and Ryan Payne in federal court in Las Vegas. The request to allow the men to post bail came from Bundy attorneys. Last month Navarro agree to let Ryan Bundy, who is representing himself in court, out of jail on pretrial release.

Cliven Bundy’s stay in jail could last for months, however, as jurors have been told to expect the trial to extend into early next year. Lamb called the judge’s decision “exciting news.”

“It was a victory in the right direction,” he said.

Ammon Bundy will be released Thursday at about 9 a.m. Payne’s release will be within the next few days.

One of Ammon Bundy’s attorneys, Morgan Philpot, said his client was “a little shocked” at the judge’s ruling.

How Did Bundy’s Attorney Not Know?

The Rest…HERE

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