NK’s Nuclear-EMP Threat Is Chinese/Deep State Aggression In Disguise

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 29th, 2017

China has pretended to support our position on N. Korea. now they have done a dramatic flip flop. It is 1950 all over again. We could very easily be fighting the Chinese as well as the N. Koreans.

The world was shocked when it learned that North Korea launched an ICBM and here is the account from the BBC

North Korea has fired its highest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile and poses a worldwide threat, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis has said.

The missile, launched early on Wednesday, landed in Japanese waters.

It reached an altitude of 4,500km (2,800 miles) and flew 960km, according to South Korea’s military.

It was the latest in a series of weapons tests that has raised tensions. Pyongyang last launched a ballistic missile in September.

It also conducted its sixth nuclear test that month. North Korea has continued to develop its nuclear and missile programme despite global condemnation and sanctions.

The UN Security Council is due to convene an emergency session to discuss the latest test.

Technologically, this was an significant step forward for the North Koreans. However, is the North Koreans tempting fate, or is this thinly veiled Chinese aggression tied to various free trade agreements.

The Significance of the High Altitutde ICBM

The Common Sense Show has learned that an EMP attack would come from a high altitude nuclear burst above the United States. Conversely, a nuclear attack from an ICBM missile would have some elevation in its delivery arc (eg perhaps as high as 150 miles), but the trajectory of an incoming ICBM designed to produce and EMP effect would have to achieve a higher orbit. American defense officials are aware of this. However, do not expect to hear a word about this in the media.

The launch of a North Korean ICBM that achieved a height of 2800 miles speaks to the fact that they are intent in producin high altitude burst resulting the destruction of most of the grid and electronics within the United States.

North Korea Is China’s Puppet

When China says “jump”, the North Koreans respond with “How high”. the North Korea leaders do not sneeze without the Chinese providing the tissue. If China did not want NK firing ICBM’s, they never would.

NK has now developed the ability to deliver nukes anywhere inside the United States.More importantly, they can deliver an EMP attack through the setting off of a high altitude blast.

Why would China be invested in the North Koreans ramping up their intimidation? The answer is simple and it has to do with free trade. Trump has gotten the best of the Chinese in the latest round of talks regading trade. China was more in the next round and I think it is likely that the Chinese are playing the NK nuclear/EMP care in order to gain some concesions from Trump when it comes to trade aggreements.

To those that think an EMP is no big eal, please look the following paragraphs.

The Areas You Don’t Want to Be When an EMP Is Discharged

As James Wesley Rawles pointed out to me in a recent interview, there are several areas that would be very unfortunate for your to be at when an EMP is discharged.

1.Being in one of the 4,000 planes that would be flying, would be fatal.
2.Being in the hospital on life-sustaining equipment.
3.Being trapped in a high rise building elevator. This would become your tomb.
4.Being on the highway at night when all the lights and go out as well as most car engines. There would be multiple and devastating accidents.
5.Being more that 10 miles from home in harsh weather. Do you have a bug-in bag? Consider a fold up bike.

The list is more extensive, but you get the idea.

The Deep State Alliance with North Korea

The Rest…HERE

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