The Threat of EMP Has Never Been Greater…”The possibility of a Deep State coup, directed against America, culminating in an EMP attack is one of the very real possibilities that the Deep State may feel compelled to employ.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 28th, 2017

The possibillity of an EMP attack against America has never been greater. The possibility of a Deep State coup, directed against America, culminating in an EMP attack is one of the very real possibilities that the Deep State may feel compelled to employ. Why? Because their mainstay operatives will, or already have been seved with indictments ofr their illegal activities. An EMP would literally erase the possibility of being prosecuted and convicted. An EMP would send America back to 1870 and the last thing this nation, that would be fighting for its survival would be concerned about would Deep State prosecutions.

There is other additional information that seems to indicate that America’s vulnerability to an EMP attack will be allowed to come to fruition in accepting an EMP attack. The most likely source will be North Korea. However, there has and will be inside help.

There are two other very possible mitigating factors. The following, at this time must be categorized as unconfirmed, but if true, exponentially increases the threat of a devastating false flag attack being directed at America with the top possibility of an EMP event.

Late last night, I received a call from a long-tome trusted source, Paul Martin of He had just hung up with Randy Yarbrough, a talk show host that Paul and myself both know well, from Northern Colorado. I want to stress that this report is unconformed at this moment. Yarbrough is reporting that he was privy to a conference call in which the Bundys have been freed and a mistrial has been declared. Reportedly, the judge verbally undressed the prosecutors, the BLM and the EPA for evidence tampering, subourning perjury and engaging in malicious prosecution. The judge stopped just short of naming the BLM as a conspirator in the Uranium One fiasco. This event would tie in nicely with Liz Crokin revealed on The Common Sense Show on 11/26/17 in which she said that Mueller and Trump are conspiring to go after Clinton for her selling uranium to the Russians. What lends this unconfirmed report some measure of being possible is that I reported over two years ago that the BLM was stealing uranium from Bundy land. This was just prior to the Uranium One revelation. That dot was connected at that time. However, if the Bundy’s have been freed, this would increase the possibility that noncompromised judges are going to follow this avenue against the Clintons. There are two compelling statements that must be made here at this time (1) this report, for the moment, remains unconfirmed and, (2) the circumstantial evidence does indicate that the DOJ hs judges who are willing to pursue the Clintons, thus increasing the Crokin hypothesis.

One item that should be mentioned here that is not speculation is that the very wealthy has been vacating Denver and Colorado Springs and buying property in Northern Colorado. I have known about this since Trump’s Inauguration and have reported on this. Why is this relevant to an underlying motivation of a false flag EMP attack? And why would the “elite” be relocating the rural, Northern Colorado? The answer is simple, the United Nations have created an EMP proof zone in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Paul Martin and myself have been reporting on this, with photos of UN trucks armed with communications devices which are designed to survive an EMP attack. On September 4, 2017, I ran an article entitled “Is the UN Planning to Occupy the US Following and EMP Attack?” The title is self-explanatory and photographic evidence, provided an insider source was presented.

In a companion article to this one, I will be presenting evidence that the coming EMP is an inside job and the proof comes from an inside source. To sum up, the unconfirmed Yarbrough report is true, tis would provide an impetus for the Deep State to launch an EMP attack to help cover their tracks and avoid mass prosecutions which already appear to be in the works. Additionally, from our investigations into the strange goings on in Northern Colorado, there are clear signs that an EMP attack is being planned for, regardless if the Bundy’s have been freed or not. Tomorrow, I will be presenting evidence that the coming EMP attack is, in part, an inside job.

The rest of the article demonstrates how devastating an EMP will be. Many Americans are totally unaware of the of threat so I felt it was of paramount importance to release this information in order to give this subject the serious attention this deserves.

The Devastation of An EMP Attack

Top scientists and knowledgeable Americans (e.g. Congressman Trent Franks) tell us that it would cost the nation alone up to $2 trillion in the first year. It could take 4 to 10 years to recover and would fatally impact 90% of the U.S. population, meaning widespread starvation and death. Yet, experts tell us the cost to harden the electrical grid would be no more than $2 billion, several times less than the cost of a single bail out paid to the bankers. What could possibly explain this inaction on the part of the former Obama administration especially after they planned for this event? And why were our enemies, the Communist Chinese given a front row seat when this event was practiced on November 13-14, 2013? Why are we allowing the Chinese Solar Energy Zones to be constructed next to major energy sources such as hydroelectric and nuclear power? The treasonous implications are so obvious that Ray Charles could see what is coming. When the moment of the EMP attack occur, what will America look like a few seconds later?


In one of the most dramatic effects, airplanes would fall from the skies. Untold thousands of people would immediately be plunged to their deaths. And their deaths might be considered merciful compared to the fate that the majority of the rest of us would face over the next two years. Most automobiles will not work unless they have all pre-electrical parts. Even then how long would gasoline be available? Many people on the various subways, would be hopelessly trapped depending on the time that an electromagnetic pulse would be released.

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