We are about to see the most daring raid on your money in history. It’s time to put the lunatics back in the asylum.

Sunday, November 26, 2017
By Paul Martin

John Ward
November 26, 2017

There are very clear signals that the 3% are about to put their designs on your deposits and savings into practice. Clandestine unofficial limits on bank withdrawals already apply across Europe, and guarantees on your deposits are to be dumped . The Greek template is being rolled out. The global heist is under way. Enforced caveat emptor is in play: those who demand more and more and more look forward with confidence to their final victory….and the muddled ideas of contemporary LibLeft activists unwittingly aid in the process. But there are still grounds for optimism.

It seems there are going to be quite a few personnel changes among the senior echelons of Asia’s banks over the next few months. The general conclusion of the business media, however, is that this “will not result in any change in policy”.

I’ve no idea what ‘no change in policy’ means, because I do not discern any policy that is anything beyond consistently inconsistent with the “principles” of neoliberal monetarist economics.

Neoliberal is supposed to mean the removal of unnecessary regulation and State ownership of business, allowing natural markets to decide and flourish in that context.

In fact, the price of money is rigged regulated centrally throughout the world, and the cost of capital has been manipulated by various brands of QE. Commodity and stock markets are utterly unnatural to the up or downside depending on what best suits the 3%, and currency valuations have little or no correlation with the economies of the sovereign States involved: they are merely weapons in the war that is mercantile globalism.

Real markets are not flourishing, they are tentative bordering on nervous. They have been destroyed by financialisation, insider trading and above all, speed of light algorhythmic bots with which no personal investor can hope to compete.

Monetarist means, at its core, sound financial management, avoidance of sovereign debt, keeping a close weather eye on the money supply, and a preference for austerity over Keynsian expansionism.

The Orwellian difference between that aim and the reality we’re living through is of such a distance, Evil Knievel would never have tried to leap it. The world of sovereign States is almost without exception in a level of debt that would be unsustainable with normalised interest rates. In the US, the deficit rises every year, nearly bringing State activity to a standstill; in the UK, the national debt has doubled in seven years.

Austerity has, in turn, failed throughout the EU. So between the borrowing and not borrowing thing with monetarism, it feels like a cul de sac. Especially as wealth is very clearly not trickling down. And as for the money supply, what use are M1, M2 and M3 when money is being created from zero real wealth increases every second of every working day?

This isn’t economics, it’s deception on a globally industrial scale. It isn’t global in that it benefits less than 3 people in a hundred; and it isn’t capitalism because first, you can’t get interest on your capital, and second, the obvious aim of every multinational company is the achievement of monopoly by fair means or foul.

Across the West, throughout Africa and over vast areas of Asia and South America, such wealth as the ordinary citizen had has been stolen in myriad ways.

Welfare and minimum wage rights have been lost. Cheap rental housing has been sold. Social weal supply has been privatised. State Pensions have been embezzled without compensation. Corporate pension funds have been raided to boost shareholder dividends. Mature citizen interest on savings has been commandeered to save a depraved banking system. Free Higher Education to benefit social mobility and invest in sovereign workforces has been removed and handed to private concerns motivated only by short term profit. Small business has been sacrificed on the altar of bloated bureaucracies and multinational lobbying. Tax monies have been wasted on Grand Designs and ego projects. Manufactured energy wars have emptied Treasuries.

The next stage is about to begin. Not content with making life savings the victim of hidden inflation and Zirp, the next stage is to change bailout into bailin. And so the Alchemy will continue…..demanding you sell your house to fund the aged care of your parents, foreclosing on your mortgage when multinational tax evasion forces local government to up your office rents and taxes, and removing your right to help with legal fees, the better to defend yourself against such pillage.

The last item above is but one symptom of how the Rule of Law is being rapidly eroded, and Equality before the Law already a distant memory. Although the emphasis of power differs by nation, one by one all the unelected élites have been placed above the law.

Corrupt police find themselves Not Guilty in kangaroo courts. Incompetent military strategists are never brought to book. Crooked bankers do not go to jail, they “set a sum aside”. Wasteful and bought bureaucrats are retired on full pension. Corporate pension pilferers have nothing to fear but their knighthoods. The senior lieutenants of media moguls receive obscenely light sentences or get acquitted. Judicial perverts slap 20-year gagging orders on the proof of their base desires. Government ministers are punished for lying to Parliament with bigger and bigger Cabinet portfolios. And of course, those same-gender bedfellows – the security services and the internet ISPs – enjoy a mutual interdependence of such power, their crimes rarely if ever come to light.

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