Congress & Administration Ignore Experts on North Korean EMP Threat

Monday, November 20, 2017
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
November 20th, 2017

There was a report by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner detailing the revelations of former U.S. Marine Tommy Waller’s recommendations regarding the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat by North Korea. Waller has staunchly stood in the corner of the EMP Commission, now disbanded through withholding of funding, and currently serves as the Director of Special Projects at the Center for Security Policy. He is urging the President to create a special commission by Executive Order to plan for measures to counteract the threat of an EMP attack. Waller also said this as reported in the article by Bedard:

“The first and foremost thing he [the President] must write is an executive order establishing his own EMP commission in the White House – a task force that draws from the experience of the previous EMP Commission. Massive intelligence failures grossly underestimating North Korea’s long-range missile capabilities, number of nuclear weapons, warhead miniaturization, and proximity to an H-Bomb, the biggest North Korean threat to the U.S. remains unacknowledged – nuclear EMP attack.”

This all comes on the heels of the disbanding of the EMP Commission, a panel of the foremost experts on EMP threat, to include Dr. Graham and Dr. Pry, mentioned in numerous, previous articles. These experts and others, to include Tommy Waller, have been warning the Administration that North Korea is actively mapping out a plan of attack via EMP against the United States. These warnings have not only gone unheeded, but as mentioned, the former EMP Commission was the only such organization to address such a threat, and it has been dismantled, although its members did not accept any pay for their expert analyses and recommendations.

Dr. Peter Pry went a step further and said that Obama administration “holdovers” undermined the now-defunct Commission’s clearances, operational funds, and reports (such as briefings and conferences) … even though the experts worked for nothing and took many expenses upon themselves out of pocket. Such was their level of commitment and the priority placed upon the threat…a threat that has been largely ignored even before the Obama years.

Since the North Koreans have “slowed down” their nuclear tests, it’s no longer an issue that is televised to the public daily. Akin to a nation suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorder,” most of our news is sensationalistic drivel only fit for tabloids (therefore not news), or geared by the liberal Mainstream Media (MSM) to attack the President and push communist-social justice issues. The Media and the Universities are the hammer and sickle being used to destroy our country from the inside…funded by oligarchs and protected by politicos.

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