America Was Warned This Morning: Antifa’s Chaos Continues- 27 Dead In Mass Shooting- Multiple Narratives Are Surfacing

Monday, November 6, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 5th, 2017

Not 6 hours after I stated that November 4th threats were a deception and things would quickly get far worse, Tragedy strikes again as Fox News is reporting 25 to 27 dead. This is only the beginning of the George Soros attacks upon America. The UN waits in the wings to be called in to save the day.

This is the continuation of the coup started by George Soros to destabalize America. In my morning article published at 10AM EST, I stated that schools, malls and churches would be next. Schools and malls need to greatly intensify their security.

After publishing the abovementioned article today, I received 3 emails stated I was fear-mongering and I was addicted to fear porn. I am calling on these nameless, gutless people to identify themselves and issue a public apology to the victims and their loved ones.

The shooter’s name is being reported as Chris Ward. He has reportedly killed his entire family before launching the attack upon the church. I am not buying any more lone nut mass killers. We will find what we did with Paddock. Ward, or whomever, will have been on psychotropic meds and is the perfect Manchurian Candidate.


Reportedly, the shooter walked into the church in Sutherland Springs Texas and began shooting. Churchgoers knew the shooter, Devon Patrick Kelly, who carried automatic weapons in the carrying out of the attack. The shooter has been killed He has not been officially identified, but Mustachio Tweeted: #texaschurchshooting shooter is 29 year old US marine turned muslim convert, Samir Al-Hajeed. His manifesto is making its rounds on the web.”

This is a second cover story. Why would there be a second cover story? The answer is simple, in the initial confusion, multiple narratives are created so they can best fit the witness accounts, the weapons used, etc. This is what happened in Vegas, as the official story kepts changing. And now, it is happening in this event.

Sessions Needs to Go

Jeff Sessions needs to step down. We need a MAN who will prosecute the criminals who are behind these terror attacks. We know who these subhuman scumbags are and we know where to find them.

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